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This site gathers links and commentary on what I think are useful news items that match my interests as a development journalist and communications researcher.

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How to Invest In Cryptocurrencies: Investing in Web310 February 2021
Back to blockchain's originally intended purpose: Timestamping7 February 2021
The Top 15 Crypto-Friendly Tax Havens1 February 2021
Earlier advice


Key takeaways on digital currency from The Davos Agenda5 February 2021
Bitcoin Mining With 12 Lines of Code in Python5 February 2021


Mirror Trading International Named Biggest Crypto Scam of the Year After Raking in $589 Million14 February 2021
Crypto kid had a $23,000-a-month condo running Ponzi scheme13 February 2021
Europol arrests hackers that stole $100 million in crypto through SIM-swapping11 February 2021
Secret Government Documents Show How Terrorist Supporters Use Bitcoin � And How The Government Scrambles To Stop Them8 February 2021
U.S. Navy Couple Allegedly Sold 9,000 Stolen Identities for $BTC7 February 2021
Serbian Man Extradited to US After Being Indicted In $70 Million Crypto Fraud6 February 2021


Aave and its remarkable price performance: 10x in 4 months13 February 2021
Could Scalable Payments for Bitcoin Undermine Its Value?7 February 2021


Nigerian Bitcoin Traders Flock to P2P Exchanges Following Ban10 February 2021
Estonia's New Government Still Plans to Regulate Crypto Companies5 February 2021


Crypto market maker Hehmeyer announces merger with Swiss trading firm10 February 2021
Phase one of Switzerland's blockchain law goes into effect'1 February 2021
FINMA grants Swiss-based Crypto Broker AG a securities house license1 February 2021
Swiss Firms Tokenize Premium Wines Under New DLT Law1 February 2021


Bitfinex Closes Tether Loan Early with $550 Million Payment6 February 2021
Three Major Exchanges Experience Technical Issues Amid BTC Surge29 January 2021
Coinbase Has 43 Million Users, $90 Billion in Platform Assets22 January 2021
Institutional Investor Executes One of the Largest Crypto Trades in History on Coinbase10 January 2021
BlockOne CTO and Co-Founder Dan Larimer Resigns: EOS Price Dumps By 25%10 January 2021

On the Wild Side

Agustin Carstens of BIS: Bitcoin Could Fully Crash in the Future29 January 2021
It is now possible to buy a luxury flat in the UK in Bitcoin or Ethereum28 January 2021

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