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3 Reasons to Invest in Crypto -- and 3 Reasons Not Tofool17 October 2021 (LINK)
An ultimate guide to 10 top altcoins, their real-world applications, and why investors are betting their tech is the future of cryptobusinessinsider15 October 2021 (LINK)
Top 10 Cryptocurrencies & Their Real World Uses (includes video) — tradingview15 October 2021 (LINK)
Introducing The .Wallet Allianceunstoppabledomains5 October 2021 (LINK)
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U.S. SEC Chair Gary Gensler responds to concerns about first Bitcoin-linked ETFcointelegraph20 October 2021 (LINK)

Proshares Bitcoin Strategy ETF, also known as BITO, is based on CME Bitcoin futures contracts. The debut of BITO follows announcements that other BTC-linked funds, including Valkyrie's Bitcoin Strategy ETF, are set to start trading on the Nasdaq. A new blockchain-industry-based fund, called the Volt Crypto Industry Revolution and Tech ETF, intends to begin trading soon as well.

Financial leaders from the G7 agree that CBDCs would complement cash and should not be detrimental to the monetary systemcointelegraph14 October 2021 (LINK)
China bans all cryptocurrencies, bitcoin fallscoinnounce25 September 2021 (LINK)
Bitcoin declared 'dead' 37 times this year, 2x more compared to entire 2020finbold25 September 2021 (LINK)
eToro Invests $1 Million to Expand GoodDollar Universal Basic Income Projectcoinquora22 September 2021 (LINK)
Five Countries That Have Banned Cryptocurrencies: China, Bolivia, Indonesia, Turkey, Egyptnews1822 September 2021 (LINK)
Is crypto banking the unbankedprologe.press21 September 2021 (LINK)
Crypto market plunges due to Evergrande's inability to pay off debts this monthsource18 September 2021 (LINK)
Why Projects Are Switching from Ethereum to the Binance Smart Chainnewsbtc18 September 2021 (LINK)
President of the European Central Bank believes cryptocurrencies are 'suspicious and speculative'cryptopolitan17 September 2021 (LINK)
'Smallest cryptocurrency economy', Africa records 1200% hike in a yearambcrypto16 September 2021 (LINK)
2021's BTC energy use passes 2020's, as study claims each tx produces 272g of e-wastecointelegraph15 September 2021 (LINK)
Jurassic Park Becoming Real? Bitcoin Billionaires Back De-Extinction Campaigncryptocoin15 September 2021 (LINK)
SPELLFIRE : First NFT That You Can Actually Touch: in-game cardscoinpedia.org/press-release15 September 2021 (LINK)
New blockchain platform aims to track one third of all shipping containers globallycointelegraph10 September 2021 (LINK)
How Rentible Is Revolutionizing The Real Estate Industry With Blockchain Technologybitcoinist10 September 2021 (LINK)
Christie's To Auction Art Blocks NFT With Ethereum Biddingbitcoinist8 September 2021 (LINK)
Working to Protect the Environment with NFTsnewsbtc7 September 2021 (LINK)
Crypto-exchange Bitfinex to launch operations in Kazakhstanambcrypto7 September 2021 (LINK)
Here's what the WEF is proposing instead of an 'ineffective' ban on cryptosambcrypto4 September 2021 (LINK)
Cryptocurrencies gain legal status in Texas as the state passes a new lawchaintimes3 September 2021 (LINK)
SEC boss tells EU Parliament crypto and fintech could be as disruptive 'as the internet'cointelegraph3 September 2021 (LINK)
Alexander Lukashenko, the President of Belarus, urged citizens to stay in their home country and mine bitcoin instead of moving abroad for low-paying jobsbitcoinmagazine2 September 2021 (LINK)
SOL Rally Sparks the Debate, Is Solana Better Smart Contract Platform Than Ethereum?coingape1 September 2021 (LINK)
Decentralized search engine becomes default option on European Android devicescointelegraph1 September 2021 (LINK)


Report reveals $5.2 billion worth of Bitcoin transactions linked to ransomwareambcrypto17 October 2021 (LINK)
6,000 Coinbase Users Robbed in Phishing Attacks, Company Says It Will Reimbursedecrypt1 October 2021 (LINK)


Tether Hit With $41 Million Fine for Lying About Dollar Reserves: CFTCdecrypt.co15 October 2021 (LINK)
Zilliqa Unveils Cross-Chain Interoperability Tool 'ZilBridge' to Enable Greater Collaboration with Ethereum Ecosystemcrypto-reporter2 October 2021 (LINK)
Cardano ($ADA) Powered DeFi Platform to Launch a Gold-Backed Stablecoincryptoglobe2 October 2021 (LINK)
Cardano-Backed Project COTI Jumps Nearly 100% Ahead of Visa Card Rolloutcryptoglobe2 October 2021 (LINK)
CEO of COMP threatens customers after mistakenly sending them millionsmashable1 October 2021 (LINK)


China to Add Cryptocurrency Mining to 'Negative List for Market Access' Making the Industry Off-Limits to Investorsbitcoin8 October 2021 (LINK)
Report: Biden administration eyeing regulation of Tether, other stablecoinsinvezz1 October 2021 (LINK)
Third-Largest Bank in France Societe Generale Proposes Use of Defi Protocol Makerdao bitcoin1 October 2021 (LINK)


Switzerland to Impose Anti-Money Laundering Rules on Crypto Providerscryptopotato25 September 2021 (LINK)


Bit Pay Allows Verifone Customers to Pay with Cryptolivebitcoinnews1 October 2021 (LINK)

On the Wild Side (includes prices and predictions)

Netflix Special Examines Mysterious Disappearance of $190,000,000 After Death of Crypto Exchange CEOdailyhodl25 September 2021 (LINK)

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