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10 Crypto Terms You Need To Know In 2022news1828 February 2022 (LINK)
Top 10 NFT Marketplaces to Trade Digital Arts in 2022dailycoin26 February 2022 (LINK)
3 portfolio trackers NFT and DeFi investors can use to stay organizedcointelegraph26 February 2022 (LINK)
Why Do Big Brands Join the Metaverse, and Why Does It Need Them?dailyhodl25 February 2022 (LINK)

"As services and entertainment are increasingly moved online, [...] the metaverse [...] serves as the ultimate 3D platform to host all these experiences."

Five Crypto Wallets that Offer True Privacythenewscrypto25 February 2022 (LINK)
Cardano is 47,000x more energy-efficient than Bitcoin, data showsfinbold23 February 2022 (LINK)
Top 10 Crypto Influencers to Follow in 2022dailycoin19 February 2022 (LINK)
FTX's Sam Bankman-Fried explains how he built a $32 billion crypto exchange in 3 years after growing annoyed with 'crappy' platforms &mdash making him a multibillionaire at 29coingape20 February 2022 (LINK)
Ethical Blockchain: Are Crypto, NFTs And DeFi Bad For The Environment? Here's Why They're Notbitcoinist17 February 2022 (LINK)
How to Make Your Crypto Work for You in a Bear Marketthenewscrypto12 February 2022 (LINK)
9 Crypto Dashboards You Can Use to Manage Your Digital Assetscryptonews10 February 2022 (LINK)

5 robots that could soon become part of our everyday lives: Zipline, AMP Robotics, ABB(YouTube), Diligent Robots (YouTube), AppHarvestweforum9 February 2022 (LINK)

Re-envisioning corporations: How DAOs and blockchain can improve the way we organizeweforum8 February 2022 (LINK)

How to Use Cardano for Sports Bettingcryptonewsz8 February 2022 (LINK)
Which NFT Projects Should You Follow in 2022?newsbtc4 February 2022 (LINK)

How the metaverse might be monetizedweforum3 February 2022 (LINK)

Seed Phrases Should no Longer be the Industry Standardbeincrypto1 February 2022 (LINK)
What is Web 3.0 and How Will It Change the Way We Use the Internet?coinquora31 January 2022 (LINK)
How can the Metaverse help the food industry?cointelegraph29 January 2022 (LINK)
Learn how to create your own NFTscultofmac27 January 2022 (LINK)
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Microstrategy CEO: Wars Create Inflation Making BTC Compellingethereumworldnews26 February 2022 (LINK)

"Bitcoin has already proven to be an alternative in Ukraine for its citizens and residents. Over $4 million in digital assets has been donated to aid in the crisis in Ukraine. Crypto.com has donated $1 million to the Red Cross to aid in the humanitarian effort. FTX had earlier gifted $25 to each Ukrainian using the platform."

ECB president calls for crypto regulation in response to Russia potentially evading sanctionscointelegraph25 February 2022 (LINK)
Bitcoin Mining in Russia Largely Unaffected Amid Ukraine Invasiondecrypt25 February 2022 (LINK)

Russia provides an estimated 11% of the blockchain network's hashpower.

Buterin Says "Ethereum Is Neutral, But I Am Not" In Condemnation Of Russia's Attacknewsbtc25 February 2022 (LINK)
Investors Favor Gold Over Bitcoin During Ukraine-Russia Crisiscoinquora23 February 2022 (LINK)
$89M flows into Bitcoin funds despite looming conflict, but ETH funds are negativecointelegraph23 February 2022 (LINK)
Blockchain Voting Will be Coming to an Election Near You, and Soonbeincrypto23 February 2022 (LINK)

A Japanese start-up has been given a grant to develop a blockchain voting system for elections.

Flurry of SEC Filings Show 2022 Is Year Institutions Dive Into Bitcoin (BTC), According to InvestAnswersdailyhodl21 February 2022 (LINK)
Over $450 billion wiped from crypto market in 2022 as outflows continuefinbold20 February 2022 (LINK)
GameFi Thriving as January Saw $1 Billion Invested in Blockchain Gamesfinbold20 February 2022 (LINK)
Crypto in Latin America in 2021cointelegraph19 February 2022 (LINK)
Russia-Ukraine Tensions Wipe $160 Billion Off Crypto Markets; Stablecoin Demand Risescoingape19 February 2022 (LINK)
Digital yuan is being used to make 2 million yuan worth of payments each day at the Beijing Olympics, a PBoC official revealedcoinnounce17 February 2022 (LINK)
Steve Aoki Says He's Made More Money With NFTs Than From 10 Years of Music Advancesdecrypt15 February 2022 (LINK)
Uber Will Eventually Accept Crypto as Payment, Says CEOcryptoknowmics12 February 2022 (LINK)
Bitcoin, Stock Prices Fall as Russia-Ukraine Tensions and Inflation Spook Markets: Ethereum, Solana and the rest of the altcoin market lead tumble in pricesdecrypt11 February 2022 (LINK)
World Wildlife Fund U.K. pulls conservation-focused NFT project after backlashtheblockcrypto11 February 2022 (LINK)
OnlyFans And YouTube Adopt NFTscryptocoin11 February 2022 (LINK)
Global Regulators 'Going Full Steam' on Crypto — French Official Says 'Current Structure Is No Longer Fit for the Purpose'news.bitcoin.com11 February 2022 (LINK)
EU Considering Digital Euro Legislation for 2023cryptobriefing11 February 2022 (LINK)
As AssangeDAO wraps up fundraising, PeckShield Alert reports that a version on the Binance Smart Chain is a scamambcrypto11 February 2022 (LINK)
UN's ITU approves NFT standards initiative led by China's Tencentcointelegraph10 February 2022 (LINK)
$10 Trillion Asset Management Firm Blackrock To Offer Crypto Trading Servicescoingape10 February 2022 (LINK)
Saudi Arabia Medical Institution Implements Blockchain-Based 'Digital Credentialing Solution'bitcoin9 February 2022 (LINK)
Upcoming Apple iPhone feature to give merchants a way to accept crypto paymentscointelegraph9 February 2022 (LINK)
AssangeDAO Concludes Raise with $53M to Free WikiLeaks Foundercryptoknowmics9 February 2022 (LINK)
Valkyrie Bitcoin Miners ETF (WGMI) Approved for Trading on NASDAQcryptopotato7 February 2022 (LINK)
KPMG Canada Adds Bitcoin, Ethereum to Balance Sheetcryptobriefing7 February 2022 (LINK)
$ADA: 'Cardano Uses the Least Amount of Electricity per Node', Says CCRI Researchcryptoglobe5 February 2022 (LINK)
Crypto Derivatives Reach an All-Time High in Market Share, Reports CryptoComparecryptoglobe5 February 2022 (LINK)
Crypto Philanthropy Explodes in 2021 As Bitcoin Loses Most-Donated Digital Asset Crown to ETHdailyhodl4 February 2022 (LINK)
WeWay, a Revolutionary Crypto Social Media Platform, Joins Tech Incubator BlueZilla While Successfully Raising $3m From Investors and $800k Through Its IDO: Swiss Velas is a strategic advisornewsbtc4 February 2022 (LINK)
Global crypto spot trading volume declines to its lowest since December 2020coinnounce4 February 2022 (LINK)
AlphaWallet Exceeds 500 Forks To Become the Most-Forked, Fully Open-Source EVM Walletdailyhodl4 February 2022 (LINK)
Crypto Asset Manager Grayscale Launches 'Future of Finance' ETF in Partnership With Bloombergbitcoin4 February 2022 (LINK)
LABEL Foundation Looks to Revolutionize the Entertainment Industry in the Era of Web 3.0bitcoin3 February 2022 (LINK)

Label Foundation is allowing direct P2P investments to fund prospective musicians in a completely decentralized and permissionless state.

A New Era of Blockchain Potential Has Been Realized With The Launch of The ICICB Chainbitcoinist2 February 2022 (LINK)

"TheAside from allowing users to access the ICICB Marketplace to purchase real-world goods including clothes, vehicles, furniture, and other items with NFTs, its associated Cosmos metaverse will also enable users to vote in a virtual government, own virtual land, engage in various activities, and much more."

Bitcoin ($BTC) Share of Assets Held in Crypto Investment Products Increased to 69.5% in Januarycryptoglobe2 February 2022 (LINK)
DeepDAO launches first-ever specialized search engine for the DAO ecosystemcryptoslate2 February 2022 (LINK)
SEC Delays Decision On Bitwise ETF Once Againcryptobriefing2 February 2022 (LINK)
Solana Pay could solve the crypto payments puzzleprotocol1 February 2022 (LINK)


BitConnect Founder Indicted For Orchestrating a Global Ponzi Schemecryptopotato26 February 2022 (LINK)
BitMex Founders Plead Guilty to Violating Bank Secrecy Actbeincrypto25 February 2022 (LINK)

As part of a plea deal the two will have to pay $10M each in fines. The deal means that the pair will avoid a custodial sentence.

Bored Ape Owner Files $1M Lawsuit Against OpenSea Over 'Stolen' NFTdecrypt22 February 2022 (LINK)
IRA Financial Trust Hacked, Millions in Crypto Funds Stolenlivebitcoinnews19 February 2022 (LINK)
OpenSea investigating multi-million dollar NFT hacktheblockcrypto19 February 2022 (LINK)
Polkadot parachain fraudster revealed thanks to SEC's complaint in 2019ambcrypto20 February 2022 (LINK)
Chainalysis: Russia Has Stolen A Lotta Cryptolivebitcoinnews18 February 2022 (LINK)
4% of crypto whales are criminals and they have $25B between them: Chainalysiscoinnounce17 February 2022 (LINK)
North Korea reportedly increased its large-scale crypto theft by 40% in 2021coinnounce17 February 2022 (LINK)
UK Tax Authority Seize NFTs in $1.8M Fraud Casecryptoknowmics15 February 2022 (LINK)
Report: 74% of stolen funds from ransomware attacks went to Russian-affiliated wallet addresses in 2021cointelegraph14 February 2022 (LINK)
'Rug Pull' Warnings Makes Coinbase Remove Crypto Links for DeFi100, Mercenary, and Squidcryptoknowmics12 February 2022 (LINK)
S Korea: Former CEO of V Global gets 22 years jail over $1.9 billion scamsambcrypto12 February 2022 (LINK)
FBI issues a warning against the rise in romance scams involving cryptocoinnounce12 February 2022 (LINK)
DeFi hack: DEGO Finance loses over $10M, urges exchanges to stop all deposits: the token suffered an 11% correctionambcrypto10 February 2022 (LINK)
Ransomware crypto payments hit at least $602M last year: Chainalysiscointelegraph11 February 2022 (LINK)
Bitfinex Hack: Self-Proclaimed 'Serial Entrepreneur' Couple Charged Over Laundering $4.5bn Bitcoinambcrypto9 February 2022 (LINK)
Son Almost Kills Father In Attempt To Steal $400,000 In Cryptocurrency in U.S.newsbtc4 February 2022 (LINK)
Jump Crypto Replaced the Loss of 120,000 ETH in Wormhole Exploitcryptoknowmics4 February 2022 (LINK)
South African Crypto Bros Disappear with $3.6 Billion: Is this the Biggest Scam in Cryptocurrency History?newsbtc3 February 2022 (LINK)
Bitcoin Slipped to $36.5K, Solana Crashed 10% Following $320M Bridge Hackcryptopotato3 February 2022 (LINK)
NFT Market is Being Used for Money Laundering, Say Chainalysisdailycoin3 February 2022 (LINK)
Australian billionaire sues Facebook for allowing crypto adverts using his name cryptoknowmics3 February 2022 (LINK)
Ethereum-BSC bridge of Qubit Finance hacked for $80 million in 'largest exploit of 2022'theblockcrypto28 January 2022 (LINK)


Luna Foundation Guard Raises $1B for Bitcoin UST Stablecoin Reservecryptopotato23 February 2022 (LINK)
In A Turbulent Market, UST Growth Continuesnewsbtc23 February 2022 (LINK)

According to Delphi, UST growth is up nearly 10% over the past two weeks.

Axie Infinity tops $4 billion in NFT sales, ahead of CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Clubinvezz22 February 2022 (LINK)
Dogecoin Has Your Back: Now You Can Use The Meme Crypto To Pay Your Lawyerbenzinga22 February 2022 (LINK)
Songbird (SGB) Starts Trading on Kraken as Price Plunges 12%u.today22 February 2022 (LINK)
Floki Launches Television Campaign in Turkey and the United Statesnulltx19 February 2022 (LINK)
"Bitcoin to Become the 21st Century Gold," Says Deutsche Bankcryptoknowmics19 February 2022 (LINK)
Crypto lender Nexo to stop paying interest on new deposits from US customersotheblockcrypto18 February 2022 (LINK)
Top 1000 ETH Whales Hold Over $2B Worth of Shiba Inucryptonews17 February 2022 (LINK)
Osmosis DEX is Biggest Decentralized Exchange of the Cosmos Ecosystem cryptoknowmics16 February 2022 (LINK)
Polygon Is Changing The Way We Buy NFTsseekingalpha14 February 2022 (LINK)
Ethereum Fees Have Not Been This Cheap Since October of 2021: average $15.31, 71% lower than in Januarycryptopotato14 February 2022 (LINK)
Top 3 Worst Crypto Performers of February 2022: AR,CVX,WAXEthenewscrypto12 February 2022 (LINK)
OpenSea Launches New Investment Arm and Grants Programcryptoknowmics12 February 2022 (LINK)
GIANT Protocol Announces First Mobile Connectivity dApp, GIANT Connectcryptoglobe10 February 2022 (LINK)

Offering Users Global connectivity on 2000+ airplanes, LTE in 45 countries, and ground WiFi at 68 million WiFi hotspots in 180 countries. Formerly WifiCoin.

IOS jailbreak dev wins $2M bounty for finding critical Optimism bug in Gethcointelegraph11 February 2022 (LINK)
Crypto Startup Morpher(MPH) That Trades Virtual Versions of Real World Assets Aims to Subvert Banks, secures backing of venture capitalist Tim Draperblockworks11 February 2022 (LINK)
Cardano ($ADA) Network Surpasses 30 million Transactions As TVL Reaches New Highcryptoglobe10 February 2022 (LINK)
Hashstack Debuts Its Open Protocol Testnet, Disrupts DeFi Lending Marketcoinquora7 February 2022 (LINK)

"Today, if you want to borrow $100 on Compound, or Aave, or even MakerDAO, you are required to provide collateral of at least $142. In comparison, through Hashstack's Open protocol you would be able to borrow the same $100 with collateral as little as $33.33."

Aave officially debuts protocol for decentralized social media, dubbed Lenstheblockcrypto7 February 2022 (LINK)
OpenSea Ugrades Contract Reducing to Protect Against Recent Bugcryptoknowmics5 February 2022 (LINK)
Megaverse Joins Polygon with Aim to Add 10 Million Userscryptonewsz3 February 2022 (LINK)
Tezos Bags Sponsorship Deal With Football Giant Manchester Unitedthenewscrypto4 February 2022 (LINK)
Silvergate swoops in with $200 million bid on failed Diem projectcryptoslate1 February 2022 (LINK)

Speaking to CNBC, Silvergate CEO Alan Lane said he hopes to make use of Diem's assets and intellectual property to launch a stablecoin by the end of this year

India's first social cryptocurrency (GARI)'s massive price rise is a reflection of the creator economy's futurecointext1 February 2022 (LINK)


A new bill seeks to legalize cryptocurrencies in Brazilcoinnounce25 February 2022 (LINK)
$500K In Bitcoin Donations Flow To Ukraine As Russia Invadesbitcoinmagazine25 February 2022 (LINK)
Kazakhstan Cracks Down on Illegal Mining, Busts 13 Crypto Farmsnews.bitcoin.com23 February 2022 (LINK)
El Salvador's tourism grew 30% after adopting bitcoin as legal tendercoinnounce23 February 2022 (LINK)
Leading Law Firms in UK Accept Crypto as Paymentcryptoknowmics23 February 2022 (LINK)
Kookmin Bank to launch the first bank in South Korea to offer crypto investment products to retail investorscoinnounce21 February 2022 (LINK)
Britain's FCA expresses concern regarding Binance's re-entry into the U.K. payments networkcoinnounce21 February 2022 (LINK)
Jamaica Has Everything Ready For Its New Jam-Dex CBDCcryptopotato19 February 2022 (LINK)
UAE Prepares to Launch Nationwide Crypto Licensing System in Line With Global Standardsnews.bitcoin.com19 February 2022 (LINK)
South Korea's financial services watchdog to supervise NFTs and metaverse closelycoinnounce19 February 2022 (LINK)
U.S. Federal Reserve Officials Prohibited From Trading Bonds, Stocks, and Cryptocurrenciescryptopotato19 February 2022 (LINK)
34 Crypto Wallets Blacklisted On The Orders Of The Canadian Government: including BTC, ETH, ADA, XMR and LTCcoingape17 February 2022 (LINK)
US Senators Call for El Salvador Bitcoin Adoption Probe, Bukele Responds with 'OK Boomer' Barbcryptonews17 February 2022 (LINK)
Belarus to Create a Crypto Wallet Registry To Prevent Illicit Activitiescryptopotato17 February 2022 (LINK)
Marshall Islands first nation-state to Legally Recognize DAOs as legal entities (following Wyoming)thenewscrypto16 February 2022 (LINK)
Australian Broker SelfWealth Taps BTC Markets to Offer Crypto in Country Firstblockworks16 February 2022 (LINK)
Canada invokes'Emergencies Act' targeting crowdfunding and cryptocryptoknowmics15 February 2022 (LINK)
Wall Street Engaging in Crypto Business Operations (COIN, OWUV, APTY, AXXA)cryptoknowmics14 February 2022 (LINK)
Russia's Central Bank and Government Clash Over the Legality of Crypto Usecryptoknowmics15 February 2022 (LINK)
Critics Hit Back at Colombia's Retrospective Crypto Tax Planscryptonews15 February 2022 (LINK)
Singapore rated as the most crypto-friendly country (Switzerland 8th) but not for exchangescointelegraph12 February 2022 (LINK)
Argentinian Tax Authority Will Be Able to Confiscate Digital Wallets to Collect Tax Debtsbitcoin12 February 2022 (LINK)
Governor Of Hungary's Central Bank Supports Proposed EU-Wide Ban On Bitcoinzycrypto11 February 2022 (LINK)
Fitch Ratings Downgrades El Salvador Deeper Into Junk Status Citing Bitcoin Risksnews.bitcoin.com11 February 2022 (LINK)
Philippines PDAX Secures $50 Million For Metaverse Expansionbitcoinist11 February 2022 (LINK)
Coinbase files for PAC ahead of the U.S. 2022 midterm electionsthecoinrise10 February 2022 (LINK)
El Salvador plans to issue first bitcoin bond in March 2022cryptopotato9 February 2022 (LINK)
Russian Government And The Central Bank Reached an Agreement to Treat Bitcoin as a Currency, with standard regulations on tradecryptoknowmics9 February 2022 (LINK)
US senators introduce bipartisan Senate bill banning legislators from trading stocksfinbold9 February 2022 (LINK)
Ukranian NGOs receive cryptos worth $570k in 'crowdfunding' amid border tensionsambcrypto9 February 2022 (LINK)
Kazakhstan floats 500% tax increase on Bitcoin miners, leading some to eye relocationtheblockcrypto8 February 2022 (LINK)
U.S. Federal Reserve and MIT Begin Developing a New Digital Dollardailyhodl7 February 2022 (LINK)
U.S. SEC delays decision on approval of Grayscale's Bitcoin ETFthecoinrise5 February 2022 (LINK)
Crypto mining expenses go up x4 in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, after centrals government eliminates subsidies for power consumptionthecoinrise5 February 2022 (LINK)
A DAO trying to free Julian Assange has raised $4 million and countingtheblockcrypto4 February 2022 (LINK)
Blockchain Firm Millicent Receives UK Government Fundingcryptopotato4 February 2022 (LINK)
Africa's largest cryptocurrency exchange Luno is looking to expand into the U.S.coinnounce4 February 2022 (LINK)
Reports That IRS Won't Tax Staking Rewards Create Legal Confusion in US; UK Taxman Updates Its Own Guidancecryptonews3 February 2022 (LINK)
India's 30% Crypto Tax: Good or Bad?financemagnates3 February 2022 (LINK)
Russia Owns $200 Billion in Cryptocurrency — 12% of the World Totaldailycoin3 February 2022 (LINK)
FTX Acquires Liquid Group, Expanding Presence in Japanblockworks3 February 2022 (LINK)
Bitcoin education center launches in El Salvador to boost adoptioncointelegraph3 February 2022 (LINK)
India Adopts Crypto, Introduces 'Crypto Tax' At Union Budget 2022bitcoinist2 February 2022 (LINK)


Swiss index provider launches new product tracking 10 DeFi tokenscointelegraph23 February 2022 (LINK)
Switzerland's Largest Bank UBS Expects US Crypto Legislation to Take Long Timenews.bitcoin.com/13 February 2022 (LINK)
21Shares Lists Decentraland and FTX Token ETPs on BX Swisscryptopotato10 February 2022 (LINK)
Switzerland's Largest Bank UBS Suggests Alternative Ways of Investing in Cryptocurrencybitcoin10 February 2022 (LINK)
WeWay, a Revolutionary Crypto Social Media Platform, Joins Tech Incubator BlueZilla While Successfully Raising $3m From Investors and $800k Through Its IDO: Swiss Velas is a strategic advisornewsbtc4 February 2022 (LINK)
Swiss Privacy Startup Nym Technologies Unveils Public Launch Of Its NYM Tokencryptoglobe2 February 2022 (LINK)

The NYM token is the first Swiss blockchain token to be approved as a utility token by BX Swiss, the prospectus review body of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

Using its open-source mixnet technology, Nym provides developers with a secure tool for building applications that anonymize metadata both in network traffic and at the application level. In the mixnet, active nodes are organized across three layers, where they mix internet traffic and are rewarded with NYM tokens.

The architecture comprises a mixnet, providing general purpose network-layer privacy using the Cosmos-enabled Nyx blockchain for smart contracts and maintaining the reputation of the mix nodes in the mixnet.

Business, Exchanges

Bitfury Sets Up a Bitcoin Mining Facility in Canadacryptopotato24 February 2022 (LINK)
Pantera Capital says investors earned $1.4 trillion in crypto capital gains as big risk-off sweeps the marketcryptocurrencies23 February 2022 (LINK)
Coinbase Wallet integrates Ledger hardware wallet for an extra layer of securitythecoinrise23 February 2022 (LINK)
NFTmall Announces Strategic Partnership with Pandora Protocol, a platform that enables the trading of real-world assets via non-fungible tokenscryptonewsz23 February 2022 (LINK)
Sling TV Now Accepts Crypto Payments For Monthly Subscriptionsbitcoinist23 February 2022 (LINK)
FTX moves into $300 billion luxury fashion industry with new hiretheblockcrypto23 February 2022 (LINK)

Her role will be to target major luxury brands that have yet to integrate into crypto

FTX Launches New Gaming Arm With NFT Supportcryptopotato22 February 2022 (LINK)
Crypto platform Amber Group hits $3 billion valuation in latest raisenews.bitcoin.com22 February 2022 (LINK)
Earn Guild Is Coming to PancakeSwapnews.bitcoin.com22 February 2022 (LINK)
Streaming Service Sling TV Adds Crypto Payment Support for Monthly Subscriptionsnews.bitcoin.com22 February 2022 (LINK)
JPMorgan crypto exec Christine Moy is leaving the firmtheblockcrypto22 February 2022 (LINK)

Moy – who is among the most prominent crypto Wall Streeters – played a role in bridging the gap between the Wild West world of cryptocurrencies and financial services.

Crypto Exchange Binance Halts Activities in Israel After Regulator Raises Licensing Issuenews.bitcoin.com19 February 2022 (LINK)
Coinbase and 17 Other Crypto Firms Launch 'Travel Rule Universal Solution Technology'news.bitcoin.com17 February 2022 (LINK)
$120B Oil and Gas Behemoth ConocoPhillips Joins Bitcoin Mining Businesscoingape17 February 2022 (LINK)
Crypto skeptic Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Bought $1B Worth of Stocks of Crypto-Friendly Bankcryptopotato16 February 2022 (LINK)
JPMorgan Takes Giant Leap Into The Metaverse — The $1 Trillion Yearly Revenue Is Hard To Resistbitcoinist16 February 2022 (LINK)
UK neobank Atom raises more than $100 million as it eyes an IPOtheblockcrypto16 February 2022 (LINK)
Under Snoop Dogg's Management, Death Row Records Will Be "An NFT Label"bitcoinist16 February 2022 (LINK)
Soccer Legend Ronaldinho Dives in Crypto by Partnering With Graph Blockchain subsidiary New World Inc.cryptoknowmics14 February 2022 (LINK)
Coinbase, FTX make Super Bowl debut, commit to giving away cryptocryptocoin13 February 2022 (LINK)
CryptoCom Becomes The Official Partner Of The Formula 1 Miami Grand Prixcryptopotato10 February 2022 (LINK)

The nine-year deal will have Crypto.com's logo on the track, title, podium and winners’ trophies. Also a special Crypto.com Fan Zone will be built to please the crowd.

After NFTs, Gucci Steps Into the Metaverse Buying Digital Real Estate on Sandboxcoingape10 February 2022 (LINK)
Polygon Raises $450M From Sequoia Capital, Tiger Global and SoftBankcryptoknowmics7 February 2022 (LINK)
KPMG Canada Adds Bitcoin, Ethereum to Balance Sheetcryptobriefing7 February 2022 (LINK)
Silvergate swoops in with $200 million bid on failed Diem projectcryptoslate1 February 2022 (LINK)

Speaking to CNBC, Silvergate CEO Alan Lane said he hopes to make use of Diem's assets and intellectual property to launch a stablecoin by the end of this year

Tesla's latest financial statement shows no BTC sales in last quarter and holdings worth $1.26 billionbitcoin27 January 2022 (LINK)
FTX.US scores $8 billion valuation in its first funding rounddailycoin26 January 2022 (LINK)

On the Wild Side

Decentraland to Host Metaverse First Fashion Week Next Monthcryptoknowmics26 February 2022 (LINK)
Going Once…Twice…Nowhere: Sotheby's Halts CryptoPunks Auction After Owner Pulls Out minutes before sale due to start s— bitcoinist23 February 2022 (LINK)

It was billed as "the highest-profile NFT sale of all time". According to CoinDesk, three individuals, including one on-site bidder at Sotheby’s, said that the highest pre-bid offer did not even come close to exceeding the reserve price of $14 million.

Game Lounge is Taking a New Approach to Metaverses with its Personal, Digital Gaming Roomsbitcoinist23 February 2022 (LINK)
Former Bored Ape Yacht Club Artist Releases 2nd Sneaky Vampire NFT Collectiondailycoin23 February 2022 (LINK)
Manchester City to build Etihad Stadium in the Metaversecointelegraph22 February 2022 (LINK)
$DOGE: Dogecoin-Inspired Restaurant Opens in Dubai, Accepts Crypto Payments for 'Mouthwatering Burgers'news.bitcoin.com22 February 2022 (LINK)
DAO Wants To Buy Lord Of The Rings Rights: expected price $2 billioncryptocoin17 February 2022 (LINK)
Shumo, The World's Most Powerful Shib, is Launching Its Tokencoinquora16 February 2022 (LINK)
US Senate Banking head lashes out at Super Bowl crypto ads for not including appropriate warnings and risks involvedbitcoinist16 February 2022 (LINK)
Coinbase QR Code Super Bowl Ad Causes App to Crashcryptoknowmics15 February 2022 (LINK)
Where do crypto donations go? Here are six charities that have benefited, as told by The Giving Block: overall donations volume on its platform surged over 1,000% year over year in 2021cointelegraph14 February 2022 (LINK)
CryptoPunk #5822 Changes Hands For $23.7 Millioncryptocoin14 February 2022 (LINK)
Super Rare Black Diamond With Possible Outer Space Origin Sold for $4.5 Million in Cryptocointelegraph12 February 2022 (LINK)
Redditor stashes away BTC worth $100 for 100 years in European public librarycryptoglobe12 February 2022 (LINK)
Official Winter Olympics P2E Game Is Banned in the Games' Host Countrycryptonews11 February 2022 (LINK)
First Japanese Anime NFT Otaku Klub To Launch On The Metaversebitcoinist11 February 2022 (LINK)
Terra sponsors Washington Nationals, Bitstamp backs Immortals esportscointelegraph10 February 2022 (LINK)
The Funky Llamas: Collection of 9,999 art pieces secured as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchainambcrypto9 February 2022 (LINK)
Mech Master GameFi MetaVerse Brings AR and VR Technology Togetherthenewscrypto9 February 2022 (LINK)
Bithumb (South Korea) to Award NFTs to national Olympic Championscryptonewsz9 February 2022 (LINK)
Baby Doge Gains Edge Following Partnership With German Football Club As The Plot Of Soccer And Crypto Thickenszycrypto7 February 2022 (LINK)
Sales of Virtual Real Estate Reached $500 Million in 2021 and Are Expected to Double in 2022dailycoin3 February 2022 (LINK)
Shiba Inu Now Has Its Own Fast-Food Restaurant in a partnership with Welly's, an Italian fast-food restaurantcryptoknowmics3 February 2022 (LINK)
Grammy Winner John Legend Enters NFT Market with OurSongcryptoknowmics3 February 2022 (LINK)
Bored Ape NFT #7032 Has Sold For $309,267 in ETHbenzinga2 February 2022 (LINK)
Voice NFTs: World's First Offering Sells Out in 10 Minutesbeincrypto2 February 2022 (LINK)
How China's State Broadcaster Unwittingly Sent Doge King, a Dogecoin Knockoff, Higher By 2400% On Lunar New Year's Evebenzinga1 February 2022 (LINK)

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