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= more acceptance, = negative

5 easy ways crypto investors can make money without needing to tradecointelegraph31 July 2021 (LINK)
MIT Cryptoeconomics Labmit30 July 2021 (LINK)
How to Create a Non-Fungible Token? [Ultimate Guide]readwrite24 July 2021 (LINK)
Earlier advice


Crypto Adoption Doubles From January to July 2021coinquora30 July 2021 (LINK)
Crypto Trading Volumes Nosedive In June, Down 42%bitcoinist13 July 2021 (LINK)
Ethereum DeFi Ecosystem Has Hit 3 Million Userscryptobriefing13 July 2021 (LINK)
TikTok Bans Cryptocurrency-Related Adscryptopotato10 July 2021 (LINK)
Multinational Financial Institutions Launch Blockchain-Based Carbon Marketplacebtcmanager9 July 2021 (LINK)
Survey: 40% of institutional crypto investors intend to buy a lot morecointelegraph7 July 2021 (LINK)
Bitcoin Whale Has Amassed 60,000 BTC in A Single Day, Setting A Record for 2021chaindd5 July 2021 (LINK)
Bitcoin Greener Than Any Country or Industry Says Surveytrustnodes3 July 2021 (LINK)


IT specialist fired for running illegal Bitcoin mine in Police headquarterscryptopolitan30 July 2021 (LINK)
Amid Ongoing International Money Laundering Probe, U.K Police Seize Record $250 Million Worth Of Cryptozycrypto13 July 2021 (LINK)
Terrorist Bitcoin worth $7.7M seized by Israel governmentcryptopolitan10 July 2021 (LINK)
93K Users Scammed Into Buying Fake Cryptocurrency Mining Appsbitcoin9 July 2021 (LINK)
Swedish Fraudster Jailed 15 Years for $16 Million Crypto Condecrypt9 July 2021 (LINK)
Prosecutors Indict Bithumb Owner on $88M Fraud Chargescryptonews7 July 2021 (LINK)
Robinhood’s Crypto Unit Faces $10M Penalty Over Money Laundering Violationscoingape7 July 2021 (LINK)
Another 'Bitcoin king' nabbed in Brazil after 7,000 BTC heistcryptopolitan7 July 2021 (LINK)
REvil has reportedly pulled off the biggest ransomware attack in history: $70m in bitcoinbitcoinist5 July 2021 (LINK)


Avalanche launches upgraded bridge, prepping DApps for mainstream adoptioncointelegraph30 July 2021 (LINK)
Cardano ($ADA) Wallet Launches Connector to Help Users Interact With Decentralized Applicationscryptoglobe30 July 2021 (LINK)
Elrond Network Collaborates With Unicryptcryptonewsz7 July 2021 (LINK)
Aave to Launch Institutional Lending Markets This Month: private pools that will allow institutions to securely access DeFicryptobriefing5 July 2021 (LINK)
Dfinity Criticized Over Internet Computer Fork Proposalcryptobriefing5 July 2021 (LINK)

"[Dominic] Williams claims that the Badlands network will be open to everyone to run nodes using cheap device configurations like the Raspberry Pi. This would overcome the need for buying expensive hardware currently needed to run a node for Internet Computer."


The central bank of Ukraine to issue digital currency as government plans on CBDC launchcryptopolitan30 July 2021 (LINK)
Malaysia Takes Enforcement Actions Against Binance, Advises Investors to 'Withdraw All Investments Immediately'bitcoin30 July 2021 (LINK)
Crypto.com First Exchange Approved to Offer Bank Transfers in Maltadecrypt9 July 2021 (LINK)
U.K. advertising watchdog to tighten rules targeting misleading crypto adstheblockcrypto9 July 2021 (LINK)
Spanish Congress Passes Antifraud Law: Users Will Have to Disclose Crypto Holdings Inside and Outside Spainbitcoin7 July 2021 (LINK)
Iran pauses electricity exports due to crypto mining and hot summercointelegraph7 July 2021 (LINK)
Ukraine's Monobank to Allow Customers to Trade Bitcoinbitcoin7 July 2021 (LINK)
Currency devaluation in Nigeria is driving a crypto boom in the countrycryptoslate7 July 2021 (LINK)
Bank of Jamaica rolls out plan to test CBDCcryptopolitan7 July 2021 (LINK)
4,000 Institutional Funds in Germany Can Now Invest 20% of Portfolios in Crypto Assetsbitcoin5 July 2021 (LINK)
South Korean banks declare that only four crypto exchanges will survive post-Septembercryptopolitan5 July 2021 (LINK)
No, Americans Aren’t Investing in Bitcoin Because They Hate Wall Street, say BISsource3 July 2021 (LINK)


The Regulation Race: Why Singapore and Switzerland Are Competing To Give Crypto a Homedecrypt9 July 2021 (LINK)


Binance Is Shutting Down Its Crypto Futures And Derivatives Trading In Three European Countrieszycrypto30 July 2021 (LINK)
Coinbase is going through its worst time due to regulatory crackdowncryptopolitan30 July 2021 (LINK)
$2.2 Trillion Asset Manager Buys 12% Stake in MicroStrategycryptopotato13 July 2021 (LINK)
Binance Faces Further Issues As Major Europe Payments Partner Denies Services To The Beleaguered Exchangezycrypto13 July 2021 (LINK)
Sotheby's Auctions Rare Diamond for $12 Million in Cryptodecrypt10 July 2021 (LINK)
Honduras: IBM's Food Trust to Track Coffee, Cocoa Beans Provenance via Blockchainbtcmanager8 July 2021 (LINK)
Binance Beefs Up Compliance Team With New Hire From eTorodecrypt.co7 July 2021 (LINK)
Visa Crypto Card Users Spent Over $1B Globally This Yearcryptonews7 July 2021 (LINK)
Former European Commissioner Phil Hogan Joins Astra Protocol Advisory Boardcryptobriefing7 July 2021 (LINK)
Bitcoin or Ethereum cryptocurrencies to be accepted at Sotheby's diamond auctionseekingalpha7 July 2021 (LINK)
International Boutique Hotel Group to Accept Bookings in Cryptocryptopotato7 July 2021 (LINK)
South African bank bans purchases on Binance over non-compliance claimscoingeek25 June 2021 (LINK)

On the Wild Side (includes prices and predictions)

Spike Lee is directing and starring in an upcoming commercial for Coin Cloud, which operates digital kiosks where users can invest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.bitcoinmagazine12 July 2021 (LINK)
Great buy? Bitcoin trades at record 59% below stock-to-flow BTC price model targetcointelegraph10 July 2021 (LINK)
Will Crypto Market Crash Again This Weekend?coingape9 July 2021 (LINK)
The Real Shitcoin: South Korean Toilet Turns Faeces Into Digital Currencydecrypt9 July 2021 (LINK)
11% Of Reserve Managers From 30 Leading Central Banks Consider Bitcoin As An Alternative To Goldzycrypto9 July 2021 (LINK)

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