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Weekly News Roundupbitstamp28 June 2021 (LINK)
4 ways investors use support and resistance levels to make better tradescointelegraph28 June 2021 (LINK)
Chainlink, AAVE, Sushi: What’s the deciding factor for these alts?ambcrypto21 June 2021 (LINK)
Bitcoin fees: Important facts to knowcryptopolitan20 June 2021 (LINK)
Bitcoin: As A Currency, Where Does It Derive Its Value From?seekingalpha18 June 2021 (LINK)
$312bn Hedge Fund Tidal Wave Could Be Coming to Cryptodailyhodl16 June 2021 (LINK)
Why The WEF Wants You To Learn About Bitcoin And Ethereumbitcoinist13 June 2021 (LINK)
DeFi will bring global revolution to the traditional finance spacecointelegraph13 June 2021 (LINK)
5 Ways investors can use the MACD indicator to make better tradescointelegraph11 June 2021 (LINK)
Unsure about buying the dip? This key trading indicator makes it easiercointelegraph7 June 2021 (LINK)
Why Solana and Polkadot Have Been The Least Impacted By The Crypto Crashnewsbtc4 June 2021 (LINK)
The 10 Most Popular Cryptocurrencies, and What You Should Know About Each Before You Investtime.com4 June 2021 (LINK)
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Blockchain.com’s 31 million users can now send funds with simple, human-readable usernames instead of full-length wallet addresses. Both .crypto and .zil domains are fully supported across all Blockchain.com productsunstoppabledomains24 June 2021 (LINK)
'Largest crypto fund ever:' a16z officially launches new $2.2 billion crypto venture fundtheblockcrypto24 June 2021 (LINK)
Sustainability solution or climate calamity? The dangers and promise of cryptocurrency technologyun20 June 2021 (LINK)
Global Nonprofit Operation Smile Opens Its Doors to Crypto Donationsbitcoin20 June 2021 (LINK)
Scientists in UK Solve Privacy Problem on Ethereum Using Only Smart Contractsnewsbtc17 June 2021 (LINK)
How Cryptocurrency Is Breaking Traditions — Three Examplesdailyhodl16 June 2021 (LINK)
Gap Wide Between Best- and Worst-Performing Blockchain ETFsblockworks16 June 2021 (LINK)
Institutions Pumping Millions Into Ethereum and Other Altcoins: CoinSharesdailyhodl12 June 2021 (LINK)
UNICEF Is Investing in Several Blockchain Startupscryptobriefing10 June 2021 (LINK)
Bitcoin and Ethereum transaction fees sink 95% from all-time highscointelegraph9 June 2021 (LINK)
Members of East Africa Community Explore Potential Use of CBDC for Alternative Regional Payment Systembitcoin9 June 2021 (LINK)
World Economic Forum Seeks to Offer Clear Policy Landscape For DeFibtcmanager9 June 2021 (LINK)
Bitcoin Gains First National Acceptance: El Salvador (see also National)zycrypto2 June 2021 (LINK)


French court sentences BTC-e operator Alexander Vinnik to 5 yearscointelegraph28 June 2021 (LINK)
UK Authorities Seize $158 Million Worth in Cryptocurrenciesfinancemagnates25 June 2021 (LINK)
US Regulators Have Imposed $2.5 Billion Penalties on Crypto Firms and Individualsbitcoin25 June 2021 (LINK)
StakeHound Sues Crypto Custodian Fireblocks For 'Losing $70M ETH,' Report Saysbenzinga25 June 2021 (LINK)
$3.6 Billion Crypto Theft: South African Bank Denies Relationship With Fraud Accused Africryptbitcoinist20 June 2021 (LINK)
Ledger Customers Are Being Mailed Fake Wallets to Steal Their Private Seedsbitcoin19 June 2021 (LINK)
UK Police Lobbying for New Laws Allowing Them to Freeze Cryptocurrenciesbitcoin13 June 2021 (LINK)
China’s Police Arrests Over 1,000 Crypto Traders on Fraud and Money Laundering Chargescryptopotato10 June 2021 (LINK)
Skeptics Question the Official Colonial Pipeline Bitcoin Seizure Storybitcoin9 June 2021 (LINK)
Coinbase Users File Class Action Over Locked Accountsdecrypt9 June 2021 (LINK)


Crypto.com Becomes a Global Partner of Formula 1ethereumworldnews29 June 2021 (LINK)
Internet Computer (ICP) logs revenge recovery after crashing 95% since launchcointelegraph28 June 2021 (LINK)
Two Altcoins Could Unseat Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot and Binance Smart Chain, Says Trader Ben Armstrong: SOL & EGLDdailyhodl26 June 2021 (LINK)
Dfinity Internet Computer -95 % Fall From Grace Amidst Team Dumping Allegations!cryptoticker26 June 2021 (LINK)
SushiSwap integrates with Harmony Protocolcryptodaily25 June 2021 (LINK)
Crypto of the Day: Celo (CELO)benzinga25 June 2021 (LINK)
JPMorgan Issues Serious Bitcoin Warning As Ethereum, Binance’s BNB, Cardano, XRP And Dogecoin Lose Billionsforbes24 June 2021 (LINK)
Bitcoin Whales Accumulated Over $350 Billion Since BTC’s Price Plunged Last Monthcryptoglobe19 June 2021 (LINK)
Cardano, Polkadot and Three Altcoins Are Technologically Superior to Ethereum, According to Weiss Ratingsdailyhodl18 June 2021 (LINK)
AMP, Little-Known Altcoin Surged Over 200% While Bitcoin Moved Sidewayscryptoglobe18 June 2021 (LINK)
Tron (TRX) Ranks 1st in Transactions Per Second, Eclipsing ADA and XRPethereumworldnews17 June 2021 (LINK)
Coinbase Pro includes Shiba Inu on its platformcryptopolitan16 June 2021 (LINK)
Asia-Pacific crypto exchange Zipmex lists Stellar (XLM)cryptoninjas15 June 2021 (LINK)
Shopping.io Collaborates With Zilliqacryptonewsz14 June 2021 (LINK)
Cardano Deploys First Simple Smart Contract On AlonzoBlue Testnetnewsbtc13 June 2021 (LINK)
"Cardano’s 'Green' Blockchain Technology Leads the Industry," Says EMURGOcryptoglobe12 June 2021 (LINK)
Solana Labs raises $314 million in new funding led by A16z and Polychain Capitaltheblockcrypto9 June 2021 (LINK)


Brazil Stock Exchange Lists First Bitcoin ETF in Latin Americatheblockcrypto24 June 2021 (LINK)
Mexico's Third Richest Man Recommends Bitcoin, His Bank Is Working to Accept BTC, Says Fiat Money Is a Fraudbitcoin28 June 2021 (LINK)
Iran Counts 30 Crypto Mining Farms Licensed to Mint Digital Currenciesbitcoin27 June 2021 (LINK)
Binance to cease operations in Ontario following regulatory crackdowncointelegraph27 June 2021 (LINK)
China’s Central Bank Forbids Banks and Payment Providers to Deal with Crypto-Related Businessesu.today21 June 2021 (LINK)
400+ Miners Seized in Venezuela Due to Lack of Permits bitcoin21 June 2021 (LINK)
90% Of China’s Bitcoin Mining Closed By Sichuan Crackdowncryptodaily21 June 2021 (LINK)
World Bank Denies Any Help to El Salvador for Bitcoin (BTC) Implementationcoingape17 June 2021 (LINK)

On the other hand, the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) is ready to help El Salvador in its Bitcoin implementation. CABEI Executive President Dante Mossi has also assured technical assistance while working closely with the El Salvador Finance Ministry and central bank.

But Steve Hanke, an economist and professor at Johns Hopkins University, believes that the country will be drained of the U.S. Dollar with BTC transactions and the entire economy could "collapse".

U.S. SEC Leaves Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Off Regulatory Agenda 2021bitcoin16 June 2021 (LINK)
Women represent 26% of cryptocurrency holders in the United Statescryptopolitan13 June 2021 (LINK)
Thailand Bans Meme Coins, Fan Tokens, NFTs From Trading on Crypto Exchangesbitcoin12 June 2021 (LINK)
Proposed New York Bitcoin mining ban watered down to allow green projectscointelegraph10 June 2021 (LINK)
US Senator Elizabeth Warren says crypto is bogus and a lousy investmentcoinnounce10 June 2021 (LINK)
Most Australian Millennials Have Given Up on Pricy Real Estate Investment for Cryptozycrypto9 June 2021 (LINK)
Uganda Museum Collaborates With Software Development Firm to Create NFTs for Display on Binance Marketplacebitcoin9 June 2021 (LINK)
BTC Mining Surges In Argentina Due To Subsidized, Cheap Energydcforecasts1 June 2021 (LINK)


Blockchain not suitable for CBDC, says Swiss national bank economist: decentralization features are not efficient for state-controlled digital currenciescointelegraph25 June 2021 (LINK)
Spain's BBVA Opens Bitcoin Trading to All Private Banking Clients in Switzerlandbitcoin18 June 2021 (LINK)


South African bank bans purchases on Binance over non-compliance claimscoingeek25 June 2021 (LINK)
Citigroup launches a digital asset unit within its wealth management divisiontheblockcrypto24 June 2021 (LINK)
UK’s FCA says derivatives crypto exchange Binance Markets Limited can not operate in the UKcoinnounce28 June 2021 (LINK)
50,000 electric vehicle charging stations in Europe to offer crypto paymentscointelegraph25 June 2021 (LINK)
Grayscale Investments consider new crypto trusts, including Polygon and Solanacryptoslate19 June 2021 (LINK)
Goldman Sachs Becomes First Major US Bank to Trade Bitcoin Futurescoingape18 June 2021 (LINK)
Binance's Travala Launches Blockchain-Powered Airbnb Competitorbitcoinist16 June 2021 (LINK)
Winkelvoss' Bitcoin Water Trust Raises $1.4 Million, And Countingbitcoinist16 June 2021 (LINK)
$160 Billion Asset Manager Entering Crypto Market in Collaboration With Nasdaqbitcoin10 June 2021 (LINK)
Chinese Search Engines Reportedly Block Queries of Binance, OKEx, and Huobicryptopotato9 June 2021 (LINK)
Court Order to Shut Down Coinseed Succeeds, CEO Creates Profanity Token for Attorney Generalbitcoin9 June 2021 (LINK)
Bitcoin Hater Warren Buffett Invests $500 Million in Digital Bank Offering Crypto Productscryptoglobe9 June 2021 (LINK)

On the Wild Side (includes prices and predictions)

Bitcoin Wyckoff Pattern Invalidated As BTC Price Fails to Claim $33,000 Support — Analystcoingape28 June 2021 (LINK)
Ethereum Regains Strength, Why ETH Could Rally Above $2Knewsbtc28 June 2021 (LINK)
How This Mark Cuban-Endorsed Crypto Token Crashed From $50 To $0 Within 24 Hourszycrypto20 June 2021 (LINK)
These Altcoins Are Primed To Rip 10x in the Coming Months, According to Trader Michaël van de Poppedailyhodl19 June 2021 (LINK)
Will options expiry push ETH price below $2K?cryptopolitan19 June 2021 (LINK)
BTC winter sets in as $37K poses a challengecryptopolitan20 June 2021 (LINK)
Strengthening Dollar Leads to Sell Off in Stocks, Gold and Cryptos: Markets Wrapblockworks18 June 2021 (LINK)
Polkadot (DOT) Skyrockets 15% Following Coinbase Pro Listingcryptopotato14 June 2021 (LINK)
An estate in virtual world Decentraland just sold for nearly a million dollarstheblockcrypto18 June 2021 (LINK)
Top In-person NFT galleries that are a treat to the eyes and a must visit in 2021cryptopolitan13 June 2021 (LINK)
Esthereum's $1.5B options expiry on June 25 will be a make-or-break momentcointelegraph13 June 2021 (LINK)
Crypto market cap plummets below $1.5 trillion: Cryptocurrencies have lost over 40% of their valuecryptopolitan12 June 2021 (LINK)
Despite criticism, bitcoin is a superior investment to goldbitcoinmagazine12 June 2021 (LINK)
A top Bitcoin whale picked up $22m BTC amidst brutal dip, data showscryptoslate10 June 2021 (LINK)
Employee Found Mining Ethereum Beneath Seoul’s Premier Opera Housecryptonews10 June 2021 (LINK)
Amid Heavy Selling By Miners, Analysts Brace For Further Bearish Momentumzycrypto9 June 2021 (LINK)

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