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My favourites from the cryptouniverse in March 2021.

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What is the US dollar backed by? Bitcoin is at least backed by 'something'26 March 2021
A short guide to crypto tokens26 March 2021
How to apply the DCA strategy to BTC25 March 2021
Everything you can buy with Bitcoin right now24 March 2021
MetaMask- An Ultimate Resource22 March 2021
METAMASK Review – What is METAMASK and how to USE15 March 2021
Bitcoin: why are there prices differences on different exchanges?13 March 2021
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Cryptocurrencies Have Use Cases, Gold Does Not: President Clinton's Former Advisor9 March 2021
Moderna and IBM to Jointly Explore Blockchain Technology for Vaccine Traceability8 March 2021


US Court Orders Absent Defendant to Pay $572 Million After Running a Global Bitcoin Scam in 201728 March 2021

According to an official press release issued by the CFTC. The Court ordered Benjamin Reynolds, owner of Control-Finance LTD, to pay more than $572 million in compensation for his fraudulent activities regarding a Bitcoin scam.

Hacker Behind Massive Twitter Bitcoin Scam Gets Three Years in Prison16 March 2021
Swedish man involved in digital currency fraud faces 40 years in jail after guilty plea8 March 2021
Software Pioneer John McAfee Indicted on $13 Million Charges With Crypto Scam Involving Dogecoin (DOGE)6 March 2021


Crypto Newcomer AVAX Already Putting Other Projects To Shame, Says Trader Lark Davis27 March 2021

The analyst notes that the coin’s quick rise to prominence is rare, with AVAX exploding roughly 900% since December 31, 2020 from a low of $2.8 to its current value of $27.85, according to CoinGecko.

3 reasons why Enjin (ENJ) price has rallied 800% over the last month27 March 2021

New partnerships, the growing popularity of NFT art and the upcoming launch of JumpNet are just a few reasons why Enjin has rallied more than 800%.

Italian Copyright Agency Selects Algorand to Create Over Four Million NFTs to Represent Author Rights 27 March 2021
Reserve Rights [RSR]: Insights & Why RSR Is a Good Investment For Q2 ’21 and Beyond25 March 2021
Coinbase Pro lists ANKR, CRV, and STORJ24 March 2021
IOTA Finally Launches Its Completely New Wallet, Firefly. Here's What's New22 March 2021
Algorand (ALGO) the First Proof of Stakes Blockchain Purely PoS21 March 2021
OTA Foundation Unveils New Version of Pollen Testnet12 March 2021
NEM Integrates Digital Markets for Full Service Security Token Management on Symbol9 March 2021


Trump's Last-Minute Bitcoin Rule Hits the Wrong Mark16 March 2021
First regulated Maltese project to integrate blockchain-based AI services with Belgian retail chain6 March 2021
IRS Answers Critical Question on Bitcoin and Crypto Tax Reporting for US Citizens5 March 2021


Swiss Regulator FINMA Rejects Bitcoin Suisse Application for a Banking License18 March 2021


Crypto.com NFT Platform Launches With Exclusive Content28 March 2021

The non-fungible token platform involves content from popular artists, athletes, sports, and musicians.

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Dropped Nearly 20% Amid Intense BTC Market Selloff26 March 2021
Coinbase Pro lists ANKR, CRV, and STORJ24 March 2021
CFTC Slaps Coinbase with $6.5 Million Fine21 March 2021
PayPal announces plans to acquire Curv, a crypto security firm9 March 2021
Data Gumbo Unveils Automated Sustainability ESG Measurement Solution for Industry9 March 2021
Bitfinex launches its own payment service 6 March 2021

On the Wild Side

Bitcoin Bounces as $6.4B in Options Expire, Institutional Buying Slows Down: What’s Next? 27 March 2021
Bitcoin is now worth more than Visa and Mastercard combined16 March 2021
Bitcoin Becomes Best Performing Asset Of The Decade, Returning Ten Times More Than Nasdaq 10016 March 2021
37% of Bitcoin's Supply Hasn't Moved Since 2017, 55% Sat Idle After 2018's Bottom16 March 2021
The Person Who Took The World’s Most Expensive NFT From Justin Sun’s Hands Owns an NFT Fund13 March 2021
NANO has advanced more than 500% since January.13 March 2021
Zilliqa (ZIL) price is now up 600% since December13 March 2021
Litecoin (LTC) price is up 38% in March. Here are levels to watch13 March 2021
VET is trading for $0.0685, 28.94% above the previous month13 March 2021
The value of cryptocurrencies exceeds Canada’s GDP12 March 2021
ANKR becomes top validator on Binance Chain gains 137%11 March 2021

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