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My favourites from the cryptouniverse in December.

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2020’s 5 countries friendliest to crypto and blockchain30 December 2020
Break Into Cryptocurrency With This $30 Trader's Boot Camp10 December 2020
Analyzing DeFi projects’ growth performance19 November 2020
How to Use CoinMarketCap17 November 2020
How To Use The AAVE Platform11 November 2020


Forbes Favorites 2020: The Year’s Best Cryptocurrency Stories26 December 2020
WEF tests tracking carbon emissions with blockchain technology15 December 2020
JPMorgan calls Bitcoin institutional purchases a "milestone"14 December 2020
Turkish Artist Becomes First To Earn $ 1 Million ETH For His Artwork10 December 2020
SpiderDAO Introduces “Whale-Resistant” Blockchain Governance9 December 2020
Crypto funds see near-record inflows as capital floods out of gold9 December 2020
Apple Co-founder Wozniak's Crypto Doubles in Price Overnight9 December 2020


Cybercriminals' Favorite Bulletproof VPN Service Shuts Down In Global Action22 December 2020
Compensating Data Leak Victims Will Kill Ledger, Says CEO22 December 2020
Warp Finance Says It Recovered 75% of the $7.76M Funds Taken in Flash Loan Attack20 December 2020
Fake celebrity-endorsed Bitcoin ads traced back to organization based out of Moscow16 December 2020
Crypto Founder Faces 10 Years in Prison Over Millions of Dollars in Exit Scam Without Paying Taxes12 December 2020
Mexican authorities struggle to keep up as cartels embrace crypto9 December 2020
Seoul Police Indicted Coinbit Executives for Market Manipulation9 December 2020
Alexander Vinnik Sentenced to Five Years for Crypto Crimes8 December 2020
Venezuela Arrests Suspects in $2 Million Bitcoin Heist10 December 2020


Grayscale dumps XRP: Here's where it's putting the cash5 January 2021


LCX Exchange Gets Licensed in Liechtenstein to Help Banks Create Their Own Digital Assets5 January 2021


Switzerland tops 2020’s 5 countries friendliest to crypto and blockchain30 December 2020
Spain's Second Largest Bank BBVA Launches Bitcoin Trading and Custody in Switzerland10 December 2020
SBI and Swiss SIX Exchange To Form A New Cryptocurrency Venture In Singapore8 December 2020
BIS And Swiss National Bank Announce Findings of CBDC Pilot Program4 December 2020


JPMorgan Puts $146,000 Price Tag on Bitcoin5 January 2021

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