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My favourites from the cryptouniverse in November.

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Everything You Need to Use Bitcoin Safely, From Beginner to Expert24 November 2020
Fibonacci Day: How To Use Math To Trade Bitcoin And Altcoins23 November 2020
Analyzing DeFi projects’ growth performance19 November 2020
How to Use CoinMarketCap17 November 2020
How To Use The AAVE Platform11 November 2020


India's Rising Crypto P2P Volume Threatens to Surpass China27 November 2020
Polish city becomes first to adopt Ethereum blockchain for emergency services27 November 2020
OECD tax director says international crypto tax standards are coming in 202127 November 2020
Coinbase Pro will disable margin trading starting tomorrow25 November 2020
Bitcoin becomes world’s largest bank21 November 2020
Paypal Bought 70% of All Newly Mined Bitcoin Last Month as Demand Rockets21 November 2020
London-Based Think Tank Says Ripple’s XRP Remittance Platform Can Minimize Intermediaries and Boost Speed of International Payments21 November 2020
New MIT Paper Roundly Rejects Blockchain Voting as Solution to Election Woes16 November 2020
Telos blockchain to be used in West African weather data-sharing initiative in world first10 November 2020


Ukrainian,26, uses BTC to defraud employer Microsoft of $10M and evade taxes sentenced to 9 years in first U.S. bitcoin case involving tax fraud9 November 2020
U.S. seizes over $1 billion in bitcoin tied to 'Silk Road'5 November 2020


Chinese Police Authorities Seized 1% Of BTC's Total Supply27 November 2020
Bitcoin Whales Thronged Crypto Exchanges And Supposedly Sold The Recent $19,600 Top27 November 2020
IOTA Announced a New Partnership to Open a Laboratory for DLT Research26 November 2020
Ethereum 2.0 set to launch on 1 December24 November 2020
Bitcoin Cash Has Split Into Two New Blockchains, Again16 November 2020
Bitcoin Cash hits record lows vs. Bitcoin days before hard fork10 November 2020
Why Analysts think Bitcoin Trading Volume Tanked in October9 November 2020


UCC Coffee Integrates IBM-Powered Blockchain Solution for Supply Chain Traceability27 November 2020
Australia and Singapore to Trial 'Paperless' Trade Using Blockchain Technology25 November 2020
Argentina and Brazil Get Their Own Stellar Stablecoins21 November 2020
Vietnam’s ministry of education to record certifications on blockchain18 November 2020
Bitcoin Now Accepted for US Passport Services with Peninsula Visa15 November 2020
Ukraine is prepared to lead Eastern Europe’s crypto space15 November 2020
Venezuela Announces Inclusion Of Bitcoin And Litecoin Wallets In Its National Remittances Platform10 November 2020


Swiss Digital Asset Bank Sygnum Launches Blockchain Alternative to Stock Exchanges30 November 2020
CrescoFin to Launch Money Market on Aave and Chainlink24 November 2020
Free the money. Free the world. Introducing the Franck Muller Limited Edition: A titanium timepiece that also functions as a cold storage Bitcoin wallet. Purchasable only with cryptocurrency. €9.9K, 500 pieces only15 November 2020
Swiss-Based Sygnum Bank Now Allows Tezos Staking For Its Clients7 November 2020


Coinbase Has Raked in $14B in New Institutional Assets Since April23 November 2020
New York Airport Tests Blockchain-Based COVID Cleanliness App15 November 2020
Grin Network Victim of 51% Attack, Unknown Miner Commands 58% of the Hashrate9 November 2020

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