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October 2020

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How to Calculate Position Size in Trading 26 October 2020
Start tracking using GoTrace13 October 2020
Beyond DeFi: What Do Non Fungible Tokens Imply?11 October 2020
Day Trading is tricky; Here’s what might help10 October 2020
An etoro crypto portfolio that beat bitcoin? Color us impressed.7 October 2020
ByteTree and Bitstamp publish detailed report on Bitcoin's value drivers1 October 2020
A handy guide to investing in cryptocurrencies28 September 2020
The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Crypto-Friendly Bank28 September 2020
A How-to Guide for the Self Regulation of Digital Asset Markets17 September 2020
Fight fire with fire: MIT scholar suggests ETC counters 51% attacks15 September 2020
Brave Browser Now Protects You From Crypto Phishing Scams9 September 2020
Crypto Long & Short: What Investors Get Wrong About Volatility (and Not Just for Crypto)6 September 2020


Bitcoin trading dominance hits 2017 levels not seen since $20,000 BTC20 October 2020
Tether May Become the Second-Largest Cryptocurrency Soon18 October 2020
World Economic Forum Study calls for Better Blockchain and Crypto Standards For Greater Adoption18 October 2020
Cardano’s Ouroboros paper is the 2nd most cited academic paper about cryptocurrencies and blockchain18 October 2020
IMF, World Bank, G7 Countries to Create Central Bank Digital Currency Rules (save to Pocket) — 13 October 2020
Russian UK newspaper mogul and banker: Cryptocurrency has the power to revolutionise a corrupt banking system12 October 2020
An Advisor to Algorand Cryptocurrency Project Just Won a Nobel Prize12 October 2020
A crypto portfolio that beat bitcoin? Color us impressed7 October 2020
Crypto art piece sells for $130K at Christie's auction house7 October 2020
Ethereum browser and wallet app MetaMask now offers token swap functionality6 October 2020
Coinbase to Introduce Instant Fiat Withdrawal Capabilities2 October 2020
Market Wrap: Blame BitMEX as Bitcoin Dumps to $10.4K; Record Month for Ethereum Fees1 October 2020
The Long And Winding Story Of Silk Road, Bitcoin’s Earliest Major Application1 October 2020


Two Indicted in Latest Federal Prosecution of SIM-Swapping Crypto Theft29 October 2020
U.S. FinCEN Hits Bitcoin Mixer With USD 60m Fine20 October 2020
Joint force arrests 20 crypto scammers across EU19 October 2020
Bitcoin Skeptic Peter Schiff’s Bank Investigated for Allegedly Serving Top Criminals18 October 2020
John McAfee sued by SEC for ICO promotions, arrested on U.S. tax evasion charges — theblockcrypto — 5 October 2020
Kucoin CEO Says Exchange Hack Suspects 'Found,' $204 Million Recovered4 October 2020
Man Pleads Guilty in $3 Million Bitcoin Escrow Scam2 October 2020
Giant cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX hit with criminal and civil money laundering charges1 October 2020
Crypto Trading Platform BitMEX 'Attempted to Evade' US Regulations, CFTC, DOJ Charge1 October 2020


Electroneum is a cryptocurrency you can actually use21 October 2020
QLC Chain Community AMA18 October 2020
Ripple Price sliding towards $0.20 despite Bank of America (BoA) news17 October 2020
Ripple Donates $10 Million to Help the Unbanked and Underbanked17 October 2020
One billion ZIL staked in first few hours as Zilliqa embraces DeFi15 October 2020
In Effort to Differentiate, Litecoin Makes a Move to Privacy14 October 2020
What Makes Algorand Stand Apart From Other Blockchain Platforms?13 October 2020
Ethereum Transaction Fees Fall 82%, as Defi Hype Eases6 October 2020
Researchers in Australia develop world's most efficient quantum-safe and privacy-preserving blockchain protocol2 October 2020
$1B in Wrapped Bitcoin now being audited using Chainlink’s 'Proof of Reserve'2 October 2020


Iran Becomes First Country To Use Bitcoin As a Medium of Exchange29 October 2020
Bitcoin-Friendly Avanti Receives License to be The Second Crypto Bank in The US28 October 2020
Malta Eyes Repeat Of ICO Boom With First Regulated Crypto Sale28 October 2020
Cambodia's central bank has launched its Hyperledger-based payment system28 October 2020
Singapore banks plan blockchain-powered digital trade registry11 October 2020
Ripple Could Leave US If Regulatory Environment Doesn’t Change, Chairman Tells Fortune6 October 2020
Nigerians bypassing bank transfers with crypto1 October 2020


Sleepy Swiss town launches Tezos-backed Coronavirus aid program31 October 2020
Central Bank of Banks BIS to Trial Digital Currency by Year’s End — decrypt — 26 October 2020
Blockchain secures 2.5M luxury Swiss watches19 October 2020


Binance Jersey Is Shutting Down19 October 2020
Coinbase Wallet Users Can Now Purchase Crypto Inside the App12 October 2020
The Top Public Companies That Have Adopted Bitcoin as a Reserve Asset11 October 2020
$818MM Exit BitMEX Following US Charges6 October 2020

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