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Crypto News: August 2020

Crypto stories without the hype

My favourites from the cryptouniverse.

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Top Crypto Wallets, Ranked14 August 2020
Writing Bitcoin Smart Contracts Is About to Get Easier With New Coding Language14 August 2020
Sundays Are the Perfect Time to Buy the Bitcoin Dip, Data Shows8 August 2020
GoChain Academy1 August 2020


Citizens Of China Moved $50 Billion Of Crypto Out Of The Country22 August 2020
European Union (EU) Proposes the Creation of a Single Market for Trading Cryptocurrencies20 August 2020
Capital One Files Patent for Cryptocurrency Market AI Prediction System19 August 2020
Ontology, NEO and Switcheo Launch New Interoperability Network as Basis for Next-Gen Internet18 August 2020
Bitcoin Is Now Bigger than Bank of America and NZ Dollar by Market Cap17 August 2020
Blockchain Investments Fell 63% Due to Pandemic14 August 2020
ESG And SDG Alpha Backed By The Blockchain14 August 2020
Bitcoin Transaction Fees Plummet as Network Congestion Eases11 August 2020
Average Ethereum Fees Surge to $3 on High DeFi Demand11 August 2020
North American Investors Vastly Favor Bitcoin Over Other Cryptocurrencies6 August 2020
Lost Bitcoin: 3.7 million Bitcoin are probably gone forever6 August 2020
$1 Billion Worth of Bitcoin Just Sent For a $4 Fee6 August 2020
European Union Selects IOTA as Prime Mover in Funding Projects6 August 2020


US Homeland Security Can Now Track Privacy Crypto Monero31 August 2020
Uber Exec Allegedly Concealed 2016 Hack With $100K BTC ‘Bug Bounty’ Pay-Off21 August 2020
VeChain (VET) to be Used in Over 2,200,000 State of the Art Hotels19 August 2020
1,543,000 XRP Stolen by Scam Artists on YouTube, 60% of Victims Use Coinbase17 August 2020
18 August 2020
Co-founder of major crypto exit scam One Coin escapes 90-year jail term as plaintiffs decide to settle8 August 2020
The US travel management company CWT paid $4.5 million in a Bitcoin ransom attack3 August 2020
Hackers Steal Over $1.3M from European Crypto Trading Platform3 August 2020
Federal Agents Arrest Suspected 17-Year-Old Twitter Hack 'Mastermind' in Florida1 August 2020


Here’s why Bitcoin’s Year-to-Date RoI is greater than Gold’s22 August 2020
VeChain Developer Upgrades VeChain Thor to New Version20 August 2020
Bitcoin Plunges Below $12,000 As The Crypto Market Loses $10B In Hours18 August 2020
Crypto Market Cap Nears $400 Billion18 August 2020
VET’s New Partnership Will Bring Blockchain To Many Untapped Industries18 August 2020
Nervos Network integrates Chainlink oracles for off-chain connectivity15 August 2020
$99 Tx Fees on Ethereum: Are DeFi Builders Looking for Other Blockchains?14 August 2020
TRON (TRX) Ecosystem towards Strongest Privacy Protection in the Industry14 August 2020
Band token sees 300 percent growth in one week13 August 2020
IOTA Is Preparing To Launch Its New Upgrade, Chrysalis11 August 2020
Swipe Introduces New Products: SXP Is Already Up Over 100% In 10 Days11 August 2020
Bitcoin is Almost as Big as Bank of America8 August 2020
EOS Ecosystem Dies: High Costs And Community Fragmentation8 August 2020
European Union Selects IOTA as Prime Mover in Funding Projects6 August 2020
Bitfinex Lists Cardano [ADA] After Increased Demand From The Crypto Community6 August 2020


Nothing this month


Nothing this month


Robinhood Valuation Climbs $11.2 Billion with New $200 Million Funding18 August 2020
Revolut losses triple amid growth in users15 August 2020
Walmart Adopts Crypto: Shoppers Can Now Earn Crypto-Back14 August 2020
Coinbase exits trade group following entry of upstart rival Binance.US11 August 2020
Lichtenstein Regulator Rejects Binance Bidding for Union Bank11 August 2020

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