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Ways to Invest in Blockchain24 June 2020
How to Protect Yourself Online With Disposable Credit Card Numbers
An Ethereum Wallet Will Let You Easily Host Your Decentralized Website
WEF Blockchain Toolkit
UN guide offers resource for blockchain education


BIS report says the COVID-19 pandemic has exemplified the need for central banks to create CBDCs27 June 2020


Lobbyist Jack Abramoff Admits to Running $5.6M Bitcoin Scam28 June 2020
Transnational Cybercrime Group's Russian Co-Founder Who Amassed $568M Pleads Guilty27 June 2020
Even Putin Couldn’t Save This Dark Web Mastermind From Prison26 June 2020
Cybercriminals Use the Blockchain to Relay Secret Messages25 June 2020
Cybercriminals Use the Blockchain to Relay Secret Messages25 June 2020
Leaked Documents Show Bitmain’s Jihan Wu Could Face Charges For Fraud and Embezzlement23 June 2020
New Zealand Police Seize $91 Million From Russian Bitcoin Exchange Operator22 June 2020
Crypto Exchange Owner Admits Laundering $1.8M in Online Auctions Fraud12 June 2020


The Great Estonian Exodus — Crypto Firms Are Leaving Estonia because of EU regulations27 June 2020
The Bank of Thailand will begin testing prototype digital currency in July22 June 2020


Kraken Strengthens Swiss Ties, Aims at Supporting Struggling Crypto Ecosystem27 June 2020
Swiss SEBA Bank Launches "Dual Currency Certificate" For Tapping Volatile Bitcoin/USD Trading Market24 June 2020
Swiss Tech Firm Metaco Taps Blockchain Think Tank to Bolster Services24 June 2020
Ontology and Bitcoin Suisse Partner to Strengthen European Ecosystems18 June 2020
Swiss Crypto Tokens: Swiss Franc Stablecoin: XCHF — 14 June 2020


UK regulator suspends Wirecard's subsidiary that issues Visa crypto debit cards26 June 2020
KPMG Launches Suite of Tools for Digital Asset Management23 June 2020


Basic Attention Token (BAT) Whales Accumulate 6% of Supply in 5 days27 June 2020
Telegram to pay $18.5 million fine to SEC for failed crypto play27 June 2020
Digibyte (DGB) Proved its true Decentralization again with listing on Binance with Zero fee22 June 2020
Analyst: Half of Crypto’s Top 10 Assets 'Absolutely Do Not Deserve' to Be There22 June 2020
Bitcoin Balances on Exchanges Down 10% Since March11 June 2020

On the Wild Side

BTC is useless, Chainalysis report shows: 60% of BTC in circulation is held by individuals who have never sold more than 25%22 June 2020

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