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My favourites from the cryptouniverse so far in April.

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How to Pay With Crypto on Amazon Marketplace. coinmarketcap. 11 March 2020, 3 min
Portfolio Rebalancing for Cryptocurrency (2020 Update). blog.shrimpy.io. 3 March 2020
The API for Crypto Trading Bots. blog.shrimpy.io. 2 March 2020, 16 min




70 Percent of Malta's Crypto Startups Go Belly-Up
As Malta Delays Regulatory Clarity, Fewer Firms Remain on ‘Blockchain Island’. cointelegraph. 3 April 2020, 9 min


Swiss crypto sector going bankrupt fast – Swiss Blockchain Federation


Crypto Community Largely Approves of Binance Acquiring CoinMarketCap. cointelegraph. 4 April 2020, 6 min
Bitcoin Depot Shuts Down Several ATMs due to Coronavirus Crisis. themerkle. 3 April 2020, 1 min


Litecoin LTC and Bitcoin BTC rewards for Shopping online with Google Chrome Extension. thecurrencyanalytics. 5 April 2020, 2 min
Binance Quietly Removes Visa Logo From Images of Binance Card. beincrypto. 4 April 2020, 2 min

On the Wild Side

90 Percent of Cryptocurrency Firms May Be Bankrupt in Six Months: Swiss Blockchain Federation

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