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My favourites from the cryptouniverse so far in March.

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How to Pay With Crypto on Amazon Marketplace. coinmarketcap. 11 March 2020, 3 min

Portfolio Rebalancing for Cryptocurrency (2020 Update). blog.shrimpy.io. 3 March 2020

The API for Crypto Trading Bots. blog.shrimpy.io. 2 March 2020, 16 min


$566,900,000 in Bitcoin (BTC) on the Move As Report Suggests Coordinated Whale Action Behind Crypto Market Crash. dailyhodl. 18 March 2020, 1 min

Report: Most Of The Sellers During The Recent Bitcoin Plunge To $3,600 Were Short-Term Holders. cryptopotato. 17 March 2020

Sweden’s Central Bank Wants to Host Innovation Hub for Digital Currencies. cointelegraph. 17 March 2020

McKinsey & Company Presents Three Key Scenarios for Global Market amidst Coronavirus Crisis. coinspeaker. 16 March 2020, 3 min

Sending Cash to Friends and Family Through Bitcoin ATMs Is Safer Than Crowding Bank Offices During Pandemic. bitcoin. 16 March 2020, 4 min

These Online Stores Will Sell You Masks, Gloves, Emergency Items for Cryptocurrency. bitcoin. 15 March 2020

Ripple Partners with One of Most Innovative Non-Profit Organizations. u.today. 11 March 2020

Human Rights Foundation Accepts Fully Open Source Bitcoin Donations. newsbtc. 9 March 2020, 2 min

The Gig Economy Is Unfair. Here’s How Token-fueled Coops Can Help

"If Uber, or a company like it, was a tokenized digital cooperative then the dynamics would change dramatically. The drivers of this cooperative taxi platform would be paid in its own currency, which would easily be exchanged for dollars or euros. Because a limited total amount of these tokens would be created, their value will increase as the popularity of the service grows. This would attract more drivers, which will lead to more customers, and another increase in demand and value for the tokens."

"Pooling resources, sharing equipment, or new kinds of pension and insurance schemes are a possibility as well. All transactions will be entered into a blockchain and can, therefore, be verified."

coindesk. 9 March 2020, 3 min

Here Are The Top Countries Leading Crypto Adoption In 2020. coingape. 8 March 2020, 3 min


Brave (BAT) Browser Set to Sue Google Over GDPR Infringement. btcmanager. 17 March 2020, 2 min

BitMEX Refunds Traders After Latest DDoS Attacks. bitcoinist. 17 March 2020

Mt. Gox Ex-Ceo Asks Judge To Dismiss Last Remaining Lawsuit. bitcoinist. 17 March 2020

Crypto Analyst Accused of Photoshopping Trade Screenshots. cointelegraph. 16 March 2020, 2 min

Stolen NEM From Coincheck in 2018 is Still Available on the Darknet. nulltx. 15 March 2020

US woman sentenced to 13 years for using cryptocurrency to fund ISIS. decrypt. 14 March 2020, 2 min

. James Bond's Daniel Craig Becomes Involved in New Bitcoin (BTC) Scam u.today. 11 March 2020, 2 min


Binance and WazirX to Donate Up to $50 Million to Blockchain Startups in India. coinspeaker. 17 March 2020, 3 min

Japan's Largest Blockchain Summit Postponed Due To Coronavirus . coinspeaker. 15 March 2020

Georgia first country to track, verify educational credentials via blockchain. ambcrypto. 15 March 2020

Italian Red Cross Launches Bitcoin Fundraiser to Combat Coronavirus. cointelegraph. 14 March 2020, 2 min

South Korea Passes Comprehensive Crypto Law. 8btc. 8 March 2020, 3 min


Fintech Think Tank Takes Legal Action Against Cardano Foundation. coindesk. 17 March 2020


Opera Browser Adds Crypto Purchase Option in the US. financemagnates. 17 March 2020

Overstock Hit by Two More SEC Subpoenas in December. coindesk. 17 March 2020

Coinbase Card and Google Pay Joining Forces to Increase Cryptocurrency Liquidity. coinspeaker. 17 March 2020, 2 min

Chinese Crypto Exchange FCoin to Relaunch After Insolvency. cryptobriefing. 27 February 2020


IOTA Is Finally Back Online After Damning Hack. u.today. 11 March 2020, 2 min

Bitcoin is Significantly Outperforming Global Markets Despite Ongoing Selloff OUCH. newsbtc. 9 March 2020, 2 min

On the Wild Side

Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin Slams Bitcoin (BTC) Price Predictions, Claims They Are 'Post-Hoc Rationalized Bullshit'. zycrypto. 27 February 2020

Charles Hoskinson: Next Two Month to be Wild for Cardano (ADA). newslogical. 23 February 2020, 2 min

Cardano-parent IOHK says the Ouroboros BFT is ready to be deployed. cryptoslate. 20 February 2020, 2 min

Conservation International becomes a Gochain signing node. gochain. 4 February 2020

CI: "Blockchain could be used to help consumers know whether the products they are buying are sustainable or not, by tracking commodities from source to shelf."

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