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From Hogwarts to Cryptography: What Is MimbleWimble?

The MimbleWimble protocol could very well be the answer to the dual problem of privacy and scalability. MimbleWimble takes its name from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter universe where it is used as a spell to forbid a person from spilling secrets. The protocol works in a similar manner` in the cryptoverse in that it is a robust privacy-enhancing and scalable blockchain solution.

btcmanager, 13 March 2019

Most of what you've been told about the cryptoworld is wrong

Some of it is deliberately deceptive. Much is wrong-headed.

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20 March 2019

Nano S Wallet Certified by French Government

Is the Crypto Winter Over? Bitcoin Trading Volume Over $10 Bln

The Price of Bitcoin (BTC) May Not Be Related to Active Addresses

A Blockchain to Connect All Blockchains, Cosmos Is Officially Live

Bitcoin Price Hits Record Sixth Consecutive Month of Losses

Global Bitcoin Trading Using Japanese Yen (JPY) Overtakes the US Dollar (USD)

Abra’s Trading App Lets You Buy Apple & Facebook’s Stock Using Bitcoin

ICOs in Q4 2018 Increased, But Raised 25% Less Than in Q3

New Report Highlights Increasing Decentralization of Bitcoin Mining

US Traders Most Active Across Major Crypto Exchanges

Microsoft Removes 8 Crypto Jacking Apps from its Online Store

20-Year Old Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison After $5 Million Crypto Theft

Hackers’ Total Loot Last Year? $1.7 Billion in Crypto, CipherTrace Says

IOTA: Almost All Tokens From $11 Million Hack Have Been Found

Mt. Gox trustee bank book exposes crypto dumping

QuadrigaCX Reportedly Didn’t Lose Access to Bitcoin Funds – Could it More Than a Mistake?

Malta Tops Crypto Trading Volume But 87% of Reported Data is 'Suspicious'

Iran’s 'Cryptocurrency' Has All the Traits of a Classic Sh*tcoin

Jamaica Stock Exchange to Start Listing Security Tokens

BitMEX is Closing Accounts of Users From Canada and the United States

'Blockchain' Being Used by London Rail Company to 'Incentivize Changes in Passenger Behavior'

Dirty money risks encroach on Estonia's digital utopia

Italy to Launch Blockchain-Based e-Voting System so Citizens Abroad can Vote

Is Cryptocurrency Powering the Explosive Economic Growth in Malta?

JPMorgan Reportedly to Launch First U.S. Bank Cryptocurrency

WAX Block Explorer Blazes Trail for Widespread Blockchain Use

Ripple to Provide Its Services to Four More Companies

Ripple Adds 11 New Universities and Extends UBRI Footprint

4500 Stores Worldwide Now Accept XRP for Goods And Services

Tron (TRX) Top Performing Cryptocurrency So Far This Year

MobileGo Review: Introduction to MGO Token

How Risky is it to Invest in BAT in 2019?

ENERGY one will change the way we buy, consume, produce and understand energy

Blockchain researchers are still finding critical vulnerabilities in EOS

Ethereum Creator Says Crypto Projects Like EOS & Tron are 'Centralized Piles of Trash'

Zcash Discloses Vulnerability That Could Have Allowed 'Infinite Counterfeit' Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Bears Maul Another Victim: Crypto Exchange Coinsquare Lays off a Third of Employees

Coinigy Exchange Review | Reddit Users Speak Out

Insider Insights: Binance Set to Become the World’s First Decentralized Corporation

IBM Blockchain World Wire Launches in 72 Countries

IBM Scores Nationwide Blockchain Deal With France’s Commercial Court Clerks

IBM Completes Blockchain Trial Tracking a 28-Ton Shipment of Oranges

Diamonds Are Blockchain’s Best Friend: How DLT Helps Tracking Gems and Prevents Fraud

Largest Swiss Online Retailer Accepts Bitcoin, Ether, XRP, and Litecoin Payment Option

Crypto Broker AG launches automated 24/7 crypto trading in Switzerland

Major Swiss Stock Exchange SIX to Launch New Blockchain-Powered Digital Exchange

Swiss Cybersecurity Firm Opens Blockchain Center in Geneva

How Blockchain Technology And Decentralization Will Revolutionize The Crowdfunding Industry

Little known to many investors, cryptocurrency reviews are for sale

 5 February 2019