Monitoring the performance of Crypterium Indicators

If you find Crypterium's indicators as confusing as me. I have produced this guide to indicate how it works for me.

There are lots of great things about Crypterium but I can't make head or tail out of its predictions.

It says Buy when it means Wait, and Sell when it means Not Yet.

Yet often it is less than 50% certain of what it predicts.

What follows is not investment advice, I understand I have to say. It is purely informational and educational. You can't really use it to guide your own investments anyway.

One critical aspect of Crypterium is that it does its calculations in bitcoin (BTC). I do my calculations in US$. So I made a spreadsheet that takes the predictions and turns them into US$ as a first step.

I have also adjusted the predicted percentages against their certainty, and to give you my findings immediately:

Though crypterium seems good at selecting cryptocoins that gain in value, these are hardly as much as their day claims (where these are intelligible). And I could find no correlation between the day's price changes and the predictions.

Review of 11-12 November 2020: no correlation between prediction and result

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