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Move Over Chainlink, UNI Might Offer a Better Oracle — cryptobriefing12 May 2021 (LINK)
Ethereum: What is it and how is it different from bitcoin? — nbcnews10 May 2021 (LINK)
Ethereum cheat sheet: Everything you need to know — techrepublic10 May 2021 (LINK)
Monero: its uses and how to mine the privacy coin — cryptopolitan10 May 2021 (LINK)
Bitcoin's Risk and Return Explained in 7 Amazing Charts (That You've Never Seen Before) — medium6 May 2021 (LINK)
Introduction to the world of Bitcoin — cryptopolitan29 April 2021 (LINK)
Where Can You Use Your Cryptocurrencies as of 2021? — cryptopolitan28 April 2021 (LINK)

Range includes shopping, cable TV in the US, Canada and parts of Europe, restaurants and cafes, travel, retirement funds and even mortgages (if you provide a somewhat larger down payment than usual).

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The Number of Bitcoin Whales Is At a Yearly Low, Here's Why — cryptopotato12 May 2021 (LINK)
Mastercard Payment Index: More Consumers in Three African Countries Plan to Use Crypto Based Payment Methods: Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africabitcoin12 May 2021 (LINK)
A closer look at the European Investment Bank’s first Ethereum-based bond — theblockcrypto11 May 2021 (LINK)
One of Africa's Oldest Wildlife Conservancies, Virunga National Park, Accepts Crypto Donations — bitcoin10 May 2021 (LINK)
Goldman Sachs Launches New Bitcoin Derivatives — u.today6 May 2021 (LINK)
S&P Dow Jones brings bitcoin, ethereum to Wall St with cryptocurrency indexes — reuters4 May 2021 (LINK)
VeChain (VET) listed in NASDAQ raises curiosity among beginners looking to invest in Altcoins — source1 May 2021 (LINK)


Craig Wright Allowed to Serve 16 Bitcoin Developers Over $4B of Stolen BTC — cryptopotato12 May 2021 (LINK)
Turkish Crypto Exchange Exit Scam: CEO Flees Country, 62 People Detained, Users Cannot Access $2 Billion of Funds — bitcoin.com24 April 2021 (LINK)
National Court of Spain Takes the Investigation of the Alleged Ponzi Crypto Scheme Arbistar — bitcoin.com23 April 2021 (LINK)


EOS Up 46% as Block.one Invests $10 Billion in Exchange — decrypt12 May 2021 (LINK)
Balancer Launches Yield Farming Campaign With Latest Upgrade — cryptobriefing11 May 2021 (LINK)
Tezos, The Sleeping Crypto Giant Awakens — coingape10 May 2021 (LINK)
iExec RLC rallies 400% after big-name collaborations and Coinbase listing — cointelegraph10 May 2021 (LINK)
Avalanche Integrates with Ledger for Users to Securely Store AVAX — source10 May 2021 (LINK)
Matic is nearly wiped off of exchanges! What is the effect on the price? — ambcrypto9 May 2021 (LINK)
Solana blockchain receives $100M investment from 5 different funds to grow its ecosystem — cryptoninjas7 May 2021 (LINK)
Why MOON Tokens are the Future of Media — bitcoinmarketjournal7 May 2021 (LINK)
Qtum price rallies 160% as the project's focus on DeFi pays off — cointelegraph7 May 2021 (LINK)
Bitcoin (BTC) Dominance Declining Means Money Flowing in to Alts — thecurrencyanalytics1 May 2021 (LINK)


Hungary to Cut Tax on Crypto Profits in Half, Down to 15% — bitcoin12 May 2021 (LINK)
Many Crypto Assets Are Securities, Says New Head of SEC Gary Gensler — dailyhodl8 May 2021 (LINK)
New SEC Chair: Congress Should Consider Regulating Crypto Exchanges — decrypt6 May 2021 (LINK)
Cardano and Stellar now tradable at the second-largest German stock exchange — finbold7 May 2021 (LINK)
Ripple Inducts 43rd Treasurer of the U.S Rosie Rios to its Board of Directors — coingape4 May 2021 (LINK)


Dfinity’s ‘Internet Computer’ token (ICP) launches straight into the top 10 cryptos — cryptoslate12 May 2021 (LINK)
UBS is reportedly considering offering cryptocurrency investments to wealthy clients — businessinsider10 May 2021 (LINK)
DFINITY Foundation launches its blockchain-powered 'Internet Computer' — cryptoninjas7 May 2021 (LINK)


Crypto.com becomes first cryptocurrency platform to receive MFSA Class 3 license — cointelegraph12 May 2021 (LINK)
MoneyGram to allow retail Bitcoin buying in the US — cointelegraph12 May 2021 (LINK)
DeFi lending platform Aave reveals 'permissioned pool' for institutions — cointelegraph12 May 2021 (LINK)
Palantir to Accept Bitcoin for Services, Considers Keeping BTC on Its Balance Sheet — bitcoin11 May 2021 (LINK)
Bitcoin Mining Operation Bitfarms to be Listed on Nasdaq Following DTC Eligibility — bitcoin9 May 2021 (LINK)
Binance and Coinbase Both Say They Have No Headquarters—That's True and Untrue — decrypt.co9 May 2021 (LINK)
All That Crypto You Bought Through PayPal? It Ain’t Yours… — livebitcoinnews8 May 2021 (LINK)
Auction house Sotheby's announces its second NFT sale set for June — theblockcrypto6 May 2021 (LINK)
Auction giant Sotheby's to accept BTC and ETH as payment via Coinbasecointelegraph4 May 2021 (LINK)
Revolut Finance App Confirms Enabling Bitcoin Withdrawals, Says More Crypto Would be Added Soon — coingape2 May 2021 (LINK)

On the Wild Side (includes prices and predictions)

If you bought Dogecoin at the top, what are your options? — ambcrypto12 May 2021 (LINK)

"IntoTheBlock’s In-Out of the money around the current price shows that from active wallets holding positions around the current price, 87% overall have negative ROI. Traders are anticipating that, unlike XRP, DOGE will recover from the price drop since there is high social engagement and concentration by large HODLers."

eBay Now Allows the Sale of NFTs on its Platform — cryptopotato11 May 2021 (LINK)
New York Seeks Stoppage on Bitcoin Mining Projects to Study Atmospheric Damage — livebitcoinnews8 May 2021 (LINK)
Crypto Gambling with Stellar – Now on 1xBit — cryptoglobe7 May 2021 (LINK)
Forget Dogecoin, These Coins Are 2021's Biggest Gainers — bitcoinist3 May 2021 (LINK)

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