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'Your email and password were probably posted online in the mother of all data leaks' — bgr — 9 February 2021

Check whether your email was leaked — cybernews — 9 February 2021

Seven ways to make Windows 10 work better

Article: The Guardian. 13 June 2019

CERN leaves Microsoft programs behind for open-source software

Article: zdnet. 12 June 2019

Map Lets You Plug in Your U.S. Address to See How It’s Changed Over the Past 750 Million Years

Article: Smithsonian. 15 February 2019

Business Insider: We compared Google Drive with Apple's iCloud and Dropbox to find the best cloud storage solution — and the winner is clear

Spoiler: it's Google.

Read why: Business Insider. 23 August 2018

The best portable hard-drive

"The 2 TB Seagate Backup Plus Slim earns the top spot for its reliability."

Read more: engadget/wirecutter. 24 August 2018

The 5 Best Apps for Transcribing Lectures & Converting Speech to Text on Your iPhone

Voicera is free but makes the most mistakes. Transcribe.Me rates top but costs $6 per hour of transcription by AI, more by human transcriber.

Source: Gadget Hacks 17 August 2018

How To Use Gmail's New Confidential Mode to Send Private, Self-Destructing Emails from Your Phone

Source: Gadget Hacks 17 August 2018

The best words to grab audience attention online

Source: Ragan's PR Daily. 6 August 2018.

Writing and editing with digital tools

Read more: stepwiser.net. 1 June 2018

Protonmail: too secure?

ProtonMail, devised by ex-CERN employees, is the world's largest free encrypted mail service. But it was used by the notorious Cambridge Analytica of fake news fame to hide its tracks through self-destruct emails. sSo has it any responsibility in what happened? ProtonMail CEO Andy Yen has defended his enterprise in an interview with WikiTribune: "You cannot devise encryption in such a way that it gives one answer for the good guys and a different answer for the bad guys," he points out.

Read more: wikitribune. 27 March 2018

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