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This site gathers links and commentary on what I think are useful news items that match my interests as a development journalist and communications researcher.

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My monthly list. All stories previously flagged by Geneva news aggregators. Some are old but only recently redistributed.


Pew Affirms Media Confirmation Bias, American News Consumers More Polarized Than Ever

mediapost (LINK)

Why the world is closer than ever to Doomsday

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, which takes stock of the threats posed by nuclear war and climate change each year, moved the Doomsday Clock to 100 seconds before midnight. We are now measuring how close the world is to catastrophe in seconds — not hours, or even minutes. It is the closest to Doomsday we have ever been since the clock was created in 1947.

Ban Ki-Moon, Mary Robinson, Jerry Brown and William J. Perry (LINK)

'This Is Huge': Worst Locust Swarm in Decades Destroy Crops in East Africa

Time (LINK)

Davos 2020: The five stories that matter for crypto

decrypt (LINK)

Exploring the Canton of Vaud in Switzerland

globetrotter (LINK)

Climate change: how can we unleash citizen action?

A researcher from the University of Geneva has synthesized two decades of scientific studies on climate change to identify the obstacles to behaviour change and find ways to overcome them.

Based on more than 400 studies in psychology, neuroscience, affective science and behavioural economics, professor in the Psychology Section of the Faculty of Psychology and Education (FPSE) at UNIGE Tobias Brosch identifies five categories of barriers that prevent individuals from making any potential behaviour change to fight climate change. Then for each category he makes recommendations for breaking down the barriers.

myscience (LINK)

Climate breakdown 'is increasing violence against women'

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) carried out what is understood to be the biggest and most comprehensive study yet of the issue, taking two years and involving more than 1,000 sources of research. “We found gender-based violence to be pervasive, and there is enough clear evidence to suggest that climate change is increasing gender-based violence,” said Cate Owren, a lead author of the report.

guardian u.k. ((LINK)

Investigative Reporting in the Digital Age

Online. Free: 3 February 3-2 March 2020. Open to anyone interested in investigative reporting and data journalism basics, including experienced investigators who seek to deepen their skills on complex investigations, collaborations and data journalism.

Knight Center (LINK)

Accelerate2030 Global Finalists

Accelerate2030 (LINK)

The Business Alliance to End AIDS by 2030 is announced at the World Economic Forum


NGOs use Davos stage to protest sale of .org domain

devex (LINK)

42 Global Organizations Agree on Guiding Principles for Batteries to Power Sustainable Energy Transition

weforum (LINK)

UN Geneva and the Dufry Group launch an awareness-raising campaign on the sustainable development goals at Zürich Airport as Davos hosts World Economic Forum

For the fourth year in a row, the United Nations in Geneva has partnered with Dufry Group to bring the campaign #YouNeedToKnow at Zürich Airport in support of efforts aimed at achieving the Global Goals.


IMO boss rejects Venezuela corruption allegations

New Humanitarian (LINK)

Ending Tuberculosis is Good for Business - New Initiative Lanched

The Global Fund (LINK)

Apply to the ICP 2020!

Geneva Science-Policy Interface Impact Collaboration Programme (ICP): Maximum 40,000 CHF per project (120,000 CHF total for projects selected in 2020) and in-kind support as needed. Projects must be completed within a year.

gpsi (LINK)

Gavi Vaccine Alliance 'Still Sets Gold Standard' for PPPs but Faces New Challenges

weforum (LINK)

Putting the Swiss stamp on digital trust

CNN Money Switzerland (LINK) (video)

Oceans, biodiversity, deforestation: what's on the climate agenda for 2020?

The Guardian, U.K. (LINK)

Committee on the Rights of the Child

It will review the reports of Belarus, Costa Rica, Hungary, Rwanda, State of Palestine and Austria.

"Unfortunately, the regular budget recently adopted by the General Assembly for 2020 did not correct the shortfall in resources to support the human rights mechanisms. Both resources for the travel of mandate holders and staffing resources to support the preparation of documents for the treaty bodies' review were inadequate for the full implementation of their mandates. The Office was seeking voluntary contributions from Member States to pilot innovative ideas, including those proposed by the Chairs in their vision statement from last year."


Particle physicists formulate future of the field

Drafting session marks final discussions for the update of the European Strategy for Particle Physics. The focus of the latest strategy update, the third since 2005, is which major project should follow the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) once its high-luminosity phase comes to an end in the late 2030s. There is broad support for an electron–positron collider that will explore the Higgs sector in detail, as well as for a high-energy proton–proton collider at CERN.


The UN High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation

Geneva Internet Platform (LINK)

Former UN chief Perez de Cuéllar celebrates his 100th birthday

news.un (LINK)

Key takeaways from the Global Refugee Forum

Some 840 pledges have been made, and they continue to come in a month after the event wrapped up at the Palais des Nations. Participants also shared more than 400 examples of good practices that show how the Global Compact on Refugees is already making a difference in the lives of refugee and host communities

unhcr (LINK)

An African vision for sustainable finance

hakipensheni (LINK)

Top 23+ Best Things to Do in Geneva (Switzerland)

traveler destiny (LINK)

Career Paths for International Relations Majors

lifeofdai (LINK)

Malaysia's Silat martial arts recognised by Unesco as an intangible art form

the star (LINK)

New product development and the ICRC

includes the Better Body Bag and the Agilis prosthetic foot.

icrc (LINK)

Renovating International Geneva

To date, the Canton of Geneva, the Swiss Confederation and the City of Geneva have granted loans totalling approximately 680 million Swiss francs for various international organization-led renovation and construction projects, which are slated for completion in the next few years. They include work on the ILO, the largest public building in Switzerland.

Genève internationale (LINK)

Almost half of millennials think World War Three is likely in their lifetime


Geneva Airport celebrates 100 years

The airport, in partnership with the University of Geneva, is organising a conference on the topic of transport of the future in April. The event will be hosted by André Borschberg, famed for his airborne achievements aboard the Solar Impulse. Two other conferences, on the role of airports in combatting pandemics and on the CO2 tax, are intended on 14 May and on 30 June. In November, 150 students will come together in an interactive workshop to think about aviation of the future.

gva.ch (LINK)

Transparency & Collaboration Key To Defining A "Fair" Price For Essential Medicines

Health Policy Watch (LINK)

Spain's PM names UN's Arancha Gonzalez as foreign minister

reuters (LINK)

The new wave of finance

ISO focus (LINK)

Privileges & immunities: frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Swiss mission to the UN ( LINK)

The WTO at 25: A message from the Director-General

"As 2019 drew to a close, we saw a reset in the critically important negotiations aimed at slashing the most harmful fishing subsidies which are depleting our oceans. [...] Agriculture negotiations have been reenergised with members taking pragmatic steps to identify where agreement on vitally important issues may be reached.

"Groups of members are also working towards new rules on a range of issues — electronic commerce, investment facilitation, domestic regulation in services — that aim to make trade more efficient and predictable in cutting-edge sectors of the economy. Members are seeking, as well, to make it easier, safer and more viable for women and smaller businesses to participate in global trade. This would help make trade more inclusive.

"It is true that in dispute settlement we suffered a setback at the end of 2019 when members could not agree on reforms for the Appellate Body. But I have already started consultations with members to explore all aspects of dispute settlement reform and will engage at high political levels both in Geneva and in capitals to identify potential solutions."


A seat at the international table

The League of Nations from the Thai perspective

Bangkok Post (LINK)

"Culture under fire": Geneva Call launches pioneering new study on armed non-State actors and the protection of cultural heritage

Geneva Call (LINK)

UNECE, Trondheim Establish Centre of Excellence to Promote SDGs at Local Level


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