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Global Geneva Special Report

UN Trade Forum in PDFs

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Complete package (53 pages)


3 September 2019: Advance Presentation (updated)

UNCTAD wants 'call to arms' to UN Climate Action Summit

9 September 2019: Trade and Climate Change: Bringing SIDS into focus

St Lucia announces 'Clinton-style' fund for small states to fight climate impacts: 770 words

9 September 2019: Climate action and trade

Climate change rulebook will check whether countries live up to commitments
Chile wants oceans focus in December climate conference
: 480 words

Third Oceans Forum

10 September 2019: Oceans economy and climate change action

Malta calls for grassroots involvement in action to mitigate climate
Third Oceans Forum: oceans economy, climate and harmful fish subsidies
: 1450 words

Fish trade and food security: 1140 words

10 September 2019: Taking stock of final phase of fish subsidies negotiations

'WTO faces reputation collapse if fisheries deal fails': 485 words

10 September 2019: Raúl Prebisch lecture

UNCTAD summary of address

11 September 2019: Circular Economy, Oceans and Plastics Pollution

In praise of plastics — and notes on how to persuade people + policymakers: 1200 words

11 September 2019: Launch of the Commodities and Development Report 2019: Commodity Dependence, Climate Change and the Paris Agreement

Fighting climate can require all our energy subsidies: 400 words

12 September 2019: The post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework

Do we need the private sector and sustainable trade in the CBD? 400 words

13 September 2019: Roundup

Climate change is more than a human rights issue; 2000 words (updated)


BioTrade Exchange companies

Tables and charts

Fishing subsidies: PEW Charitable Trusts

FAO on fisheries futures

Basel Convention: amendment on plastics

Alliance to End Plastic Waste

Plastic Waste Partnership

The Plastics Problem: Stockholm Environmental Institute

UNCTAD on biotrade

Helvetas biotrade projects in South-East Asia

Other reports

UN Trade Forum convenes to tackle climate emergency. UNCTAD. 3 September 2019. (LINK)

Prime Minister Chastanet puts Bahamas Human Crisis on Priority at UN Trade Forum. The Voice. 9 September 2019. (LINK)

"Sacrifices have to be made": Env Min at UN Trade Forum. The Edition, Maldives. 9 September 2019. (LINK)

No exit plan for small islands on climate crisis frontlines. UNCTAD. 10 September 2019. (LINK)

DuPont Biomaterials to share ideas and innovations to combat plastic pollution in the oceans at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. British Plastics and Rubber Magazine. 10 September 2019. (LINK)

A Plan of Action for sustainable fisheries and oceans trade. UN Environment. 10 September 2019. (LINK)

SDG progress 'in danger' of going backwards without change in direction, new UN report reveals. UN News. 11 September 2019. (LINK)

ACP Secretary-General Reiterates Call for Urgent Ambitious Climate Action, IDN-InDepthNews. 13 September 2019. (LINK)

Saint Lucia PM Backs SIDS Foundation. St Lucia Times. 15 September 2019. (LINK)

Documents supplied to UNCTAD for the UN Trade Forum

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