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This site gathers links and commentary on what I think are useful news items that match my interests as a development journalist and communications researcher.

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Real news you can use: for the international community. Updated daily but you can check once a week and still keep up to date.


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Crypto News

Regularly updated

Crypterium monitor: easy view of Crypterium indicators

Guide to crypto predictors

BookZone: Nusefile's books you can use

Latest: The pandemic and economies

Disinformation, Democratic Processes, and Conflict Prevention: A Scan of the Literature

ssrc (LINK)

Swiss official coronavirus page

www.bag.admin.ch (LINK)

Women's impact on urban design and why it matters

nationalobserver (LINK)

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News you can use from other sources during this month. May include pieces from above.


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Digital tools

A constantly updated guide to digital tools you may want to use:

  • 12 incredibly useful Gmail settings you didn't know you needed
  • Mailchimp Is Dead (It Just Doesn’t Know It Yet)
  • How to blur your house on Google Street View (and why you should)
  • Teaching children digital literacy skills helps them navigate and respond to misinformation
  • How to use Google’s free transcription tools
  • The Complete Startup Toolkit (The Best Free Online Startup Resources Right Now)
  • 8 helpful Chrome extensions to improve working from home

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Where to find fake news

My main conclusion: It's not enough to simply go to sources you trust.


Ground News Blind Spot Feed

For the Left, Right and Alt-Right


Digital Writing Tools

Sure, use your computer. But don't think you can do without a proof-reader



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